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Bubba in Dittoland: Clinton Does Limbaugh

7 years ago
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The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan points out that, on the day of the Texas Primary, former President Bill Clinton was a Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaughguest on Rush Limbaugh's radio show.
You may have missed it - almost everyone missed it - but Bill Clinton was on Rush Limbaugh's show the day of the Texas primary. You can hear the radio here. Limbaugh himself was sick that day, apparently, but he had already urged Republicans to cross over to keep Hillary Clinton in the race. Bill saw an opening - and went there.

Now just wrap your mind around this: the Clintons were happy to support a cynical, partisan Republican campaign to wound the Democratic front-runner, and they were brazen enough to go on the Limbaugh show to do so.
We've all heard Sun Tzu's maxim, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", but this might be pushing it a bit too far. With the Clinton's long list of existing enemies, you'd think those people's enemies would offer a higher class to choose from.

After the jump, some brief "highlights" from the spot, plus a smidge of analysis.

Bill makes an excellent point about Florida Democrats having been at the mercy of Republicans, but of course leaves out the part where all of the candidates agreed ahead of time to abide by the DNC's decision. Question it if you will, but does the Democratic Party really want to be at the mercy of every Republican-led state legislature?

He goes on to describe the now-infamous "3 am" ad as "uplifting", and spins a couple of rich hypotheticals that have nothing to do with sleeping children.

The Clinton campaign has jumped the shark so badly that I can't even think up a clever reworking of the phrase that conveys the jumpitude. What really bothers me, though, is the passive-aggressive way they refuse to even admit when they are attacking Obama, or what they are attacking him for. Hillary enumerates hers and McCain's "Commander-in-Chief Threshold Crossing-ness", then says, "Obama? Ask him. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying." Then, Bill here trying to pretend that a B-grade burglar alarm commercial is not fearmongering, but rather "uplifting."

I might not like the attacks, or agree with them, but at least own them. The Clintons are obviously not out to earn my respect, but what are they after here? This is definitely close-quarters, bomb-your-own foxholes warfare, and it seems to me to be premature. On the other hand, it seems to be working, so what do I know?

Instead of making them look desperate, the media seems to be captivated by the raw ferocity and ambition on display here. That may well be the key, think short-term because the press has the memory of a drunk goldfish.

Meanwhile, the press seems unsure of what to do with Obama. His refusal, or inability, to respond in kind has left him almost a spectator at his own fight. If Obama doesn't figure out a way to get the press' attention soon, (Casey Knowles?) he may find himself obscured under a big pile of McCain and Clinton.

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