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Let's Have a New Civil War!

6 years ago
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Ken Layne's OutrageLet's see, what did the racists do today? Oh, in Richmond Virginia, they pulled the big Obama sign off the lawn of a 78-year-old black pastor and Army veteran ... and replaced it with a Confederate flag. Oh, and somebody killed a black bear, covered its dead body with Obama signs, and dumped it at Western Carolina University.

We are told by the experts that Americans are so racist that even a double-digit lead in the polls could become a loss at the polling place, because so many voters will only admit their racism in the privacy of the voting booth.

The poor are getting poorer, the middle class is gone, millions of people are losing their homes, millions more can't afford the heating oil for this winter, some 40 million people lack basic medical insurance, and all the wealth in this country is held by 10% of U.S. households. You know what happens when there's no middle class and a seething mob of bitter losers start looking for a fight? A Sarah Palin rally, sure, but also Civil War. Bring it on.

George W. Bush can't be blamed for the end of American Prosperity -- that was Reagan's fault -- but his administration has made things dramatically worse for the former middle class, the working poor, and the impoverished unemployed. A new report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows that U.S. income inequality has grown dramatically since 2001. Of all the rich and developing countries in the OECD, the gap between rich and poor is bigger in just two nations: Turkey and Mexico.

As a country, America is flunking in every department. We can't read or write (check out the comments at the bottom of this post for all the proof you'll ever need), we're sick and fat, our jobs pay less even though we're expected to work harder and produce more, we're in terrible debt and have no savings, we buy lottery tickets instead of investing, and even those who invested have seen everything wiped out. Our military is bogged down in two wars on the other side of the planet. Our roads crumble and our bridges collapse. Half the country is running out of water.

And yet, nearly half the people in this country look at this tragic situation and say, "Well, let's just keep it going this way, because otherwise a colored fella will be president."

All you people with your guns and your confederate flags, how about standing up for whatever nonsense you believe? How about launching a war against the evil liberal cities you so despise. Get enough meth or oxycontin in your system, load up the soon-to-be repossessed Ford Expedition with your buddies, and show these commies and blacks and elites and terrorist community gang organizers and Mexicans and gays and Muslims and Wall Streeters and harlots and Hollywood scum and Georgetown cocktail-sipping filth what you really think. Stop wasting your hard-learned vocabulary on Rush Limbaugh and those other millionaire entertainers who would have to get real jobs if not for your impotent rage. Give up trying to type with one finger on these blog comment things -- nobody's paying attention, anyway, because they also can't read.

Be brave, for once! Start a war. Race against race, class against class, sheriff's deputies against the National Guard, Wal-Mart against Neiman Marcus, robots vs. humans, etc. Look, Sarah Palin is never going to be vice president of anything, so you can stop bringing your toy monkeys to her redneck rallies and go make a difference!

I'll be cheering you on, from some cafe in Paris or Stockholm. USA USA USA, etc.

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