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Right Wing Slams Barack Obama For Ordering Pizza. Really.

6 years ago
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Apparently, there is no story small enough for the right to try and discredit the President with. Prominent conservative blog Ace of Spades really lays into Barack Obama for, of all things, ordering Pizza. I wish I was kidding. Unfortunately, he left out some important facts. Here's the thrust of Ace of Spades' Pizza-Gate:

What a douchetool.

How much does Obama love his pizza? So much that he is willing to fly a chef 860 miles to Washington D.C. to make him a personal pizza.

When you're the president of the United States, only the best pizza will do - even if that means flying a chef 860 miles.

Chris Sommers, 33, jetted into Washington from St Louis, Missouri, on Thursday with a suitcase of dough, cheese and pans to to prepare food for the Obamas and their staff.

He had apparently been handpicked after the President had tasted his pizzas on the campaign trail last autumn.

Hey, you guys know what says you are really sincere about this whole Global Warming thing that you want to use to justify an economy crushing cap and trade program? Jetting a dude across the country to make you a freaking pie.

He goes on to suggest that Obama is flouting the recession with this extravagance, and suggests a local pizzeria for the President to use.

This is stupid on its face, but when I actually called Chris Sommers' restaurant, Pi, it got so much worse for Ace's scandal.
I spoke with the restaurant's manager, John Fitzgerald, and he gave me some things that we call "facts," ones that cast Sommers' trip in an entirely different light.

The best one is the first: Ace of Spades slammed Obama's environmental cred for "jetting in" Pi's chef, making it seem as though the guy was hopping a private gulfstream, or worse, partying down on Air Force One .

  • In fact, Chris Sommers flew commercial.
  • Not only that, he flew coach.
  • Not only that, he had already planned a business trip to DC, so the restaurant paid for his travel!

John also told me that Chris Sommers is one of the most dedicated people he knows to the environmental cause.

  • In fact, his restaurant buys carbon credits from a wind farm in Colorado.
  • Not only that, they recycle about 75% of their waste.
  • Not only that, John himself is going into the green building business. You couldn't find a worse case for environmental hypocrisy.

Finally, Barack Obama isn't saddling the American taxpayer with the tab for this feast. He's picking up the tab, for local ingredients, out of his own pocket.

I hope the right continues to "uncover" horrible scandals like this, so the American people can see how serious they are about fixing the country.
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