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Michelle Obama Told 'Those Are Some Arms' by Rep. Aaron Schock

6 years ago
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Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) told First Lady Michelle Obama, "Those are some arms," when he saw her in a sleeveless dress at the White House picnic this summer. The freshman congressman has become infamous for his own excellent physique and good looks since TMZ found a pre-election, shirtless photo of him by the pool.

Washington used to be a town of overworked and overfed politicos with big guts and dowdy wardrobes. With the Obamas in the White House, times have changed.

Now, a freshman congressman has name ID throughout the country because of his six-pack abs, which rival President Obama's, which were on display on the cover of Washingtonian magazine as the No. 2 of "
26 Reasons to Love Living Here."

Rep. Schock was once asked if he thought he had a better body than President Obama. His response, at the time, was that he hadn't had a chance to check it out. On Saturday, Peter Sagal, host of the NPR show "Wait Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!" reminded Schock of his non-answer on the buff body contest between him and the president.

Asked by NPR if he has since had the opportunity to determine who has better abs, Schock laughed and said, "I'm sorry to disappoint -- the opportunity has not presented itself."

Schock then immediately switched the topic to the president's wife's physique, saying, "I will say that at the White House picnic that I was invited to, Michelle was there -- First Lady Michelle Obama -- with a sleeveless shirt on, and she was looking pretty buff."

Sagal, clearly surprised by this turn in the interview, asked simply, "Really?"
Schock went on to say, "Yeah, I actually complimented her on her arms. She's got it together."

Still seemingly stunned by the congressman's admission, Sagal asked, "You did? You actually went up to Michelle Obama and you said, 'Hey, nice guns?' What did you do?"

"I did," replied Schock, to much laughter from the audience. Sagal seemed to not believe him, saying, "Come on, stop. What did you say to the first lady of the United States? I want to hear it."

Schock described the scene again, saying, "We were along the rope line at the White House. I had some guests there that I brought with [me] that wanted their picture taken with her. And so I said 'Hello' to her. And we, you know, I chit-chatted. And I said, 'You're looking good.' And she just kind of laughed at me.

"And I said, 'Seriously.' I said, 'Those are some arms.' And she said, well, she made a nice compliment about myself, and then she moved on, so . . ."

At this point, Sagal interrupts Schock, saying in mock outrage: "No, stop! No sir. No sir. You're not going to get away with it. What did she say to you? 'She made a nice compliment about myself.' What did she say?"

"Something to the effect of, 'You're not too bad yourself,'" replied Schock.

The laughter in the audience rose again as Sagal asked, "And then you guys went into a pose-off, right, like at the end of a body-building competition?"

"You know, I bet that never happened with Mamie Eisenhower," added Amy Dickinson, a panelist on the show.

"I got to say," said Sagal "Elected to Congress at age 27, big deal. Gotten some props from Michelle, that's something, sir. Congratulations."

Rep. Schock, freshman congressman, hunk of the Hill and now Michelle Obama's most famous arm fan, responded, "You know, I think Joe Biden overheard and got a little jealous, too."

Schock is wrong, however, about the vice president's fitness level. In fact, a source close to Biden told Politics Daily that "he still comes up to the Senate gym to work out." The source added, "I challenge you to find a more fit 66-year-old man than Joe Biden."

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