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Can't Pray the Gay Away: 'Grey's Anatomy' Brings Pride to Prime Time

5 years ago
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Just like Dr. Callie Torres' very Catholic and very concerned father on "Grey's Anatomy," I too am totally familiar with Leviticus. Chapter 18, Verse 20, to be exact: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."

And like Callie's dad, I quoted (well, more like pointed to) that passage in the Bible in order to save someone I loved -- or to at least make her aware. My mother is a lesbian. She has been since before I was born and -- surprise! -- still is one today. When I was around 7 years old, all hopped up on Precious Moments, I got the courage to open up my King James to that page in Leviticus and point a shaky and accusing finger at Chapter 18, Verse 20. Was she going to hell? I wanted to know. Maybe more importantly -- were we going?

That's why I've watched the confrontation scene from last night's "Grey's Anatomy" episode about three times already. (Disclosure: in addition to being a big Grey's fan, I am in a new venture with the show's creator Shonda Rhimes.) For those living under a rock (or who might be watching "30 Rock" instead) the orthopedic surgeon Calliope is gay now. She married and divorced George, then had like an experimental/life-changing fling with Dr. Hahn, who mysteriously disappeared, leaving the now full-on gay Callie to find love with another blonde -- Dr. Arizona Robbins. Needless to say, despite being from Miami, the Torres clan didn't dust off their rainbow bumper stickers when they heard the news; instead, they cut their only daughter off. So when Daddy Torres shows up at Seattle Grace (with a priest), the scene was set for one of the most heart-wrenching scenes on the already heart-wrenching co-me-dra (comedy, medical, drama).

As her father pulls out a folded sheet of paper, on which he's written down all the Scriptures to better judge his daughter with, Callie (played by Sara "I so deserve an Emmy" Ramirez) does what most of us do in our minds after a confrontation. She has her own impressive list of Bible quotes (and she memorized hers!) about Jesus and love and that whole situation. At then end of it, Callie says, "Jesus is my savior, daddy, not you!"

I get goose bumps just writing that down, wishing that this show were on back in 1987 when a scared little girl needed some reassurance.
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