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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston: Romance Rekindled or Just 'Co-Parents'?

4 years ago
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The age-old story of unbridled teen angst and lust leading to a baby out of wedlock was never more pronounced than in the saga of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, and their love child, Tripp Johnston.

But more than a year after Palin and Johnston publicly broke off their engagement, and after a series of nastygrams sent back and forth between Johnston and Grandma Palin, there is a new twist in the made-for-television drama: Palin and Johnston might be back together!

"Levi and me are co-parents of Tripp and we are actively working on being good parents together," Palin told yesterday. (Ed. Note: "Levi and I," Bristol, "Levi and I!")

"Co-parents" may be a bit of an understatement in this case, as an unnamed source close to Palin, 19, told Us Weekly that they are "still very close" and "Levi even stays overnight. I even think they are back together."

Now that Palin even has her own condo in Anchorage, the source implied she was free to spend more time with her ex.

But lest imaginations run rampant at the thought of a Palin/Johnston sleepover, fear not: Palin told Oprah Winfrey that she would not have sex ever, ever, again (until she's married) and was featured on a public service announcement promoting teen abstinence. Meanwhile, Johnston posed naked for Playgirl.

The revelation that the estranged couple may have made amends comes only a month after Palin claimed in a Harper's Bazaar article that Johnston was "a stranger" to her and saying she didn't want to get into what was "just dirty laundry."

Recently, the tone has changed.

"Levi and I are turning a new page here as co-parents to this wonderful boy and putting aside the past because doing so is in Tripp's best interest," Palin told ABC's Good Morning America.
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