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Steny Hoyer: Democrats' 'Concern' Over Afghanistan Growing

5 years ago
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Support among House Democrats for President Barack Obama's war policy in Afghanistan is being challenged by recent military and political setbacks in the region, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday.

"Clearly, as is usually the case, it hasn't gone as smoothly as I think we would have liked, or as was contemplated," Hoyer said, according to The Hill newspaper. "I think there's a significant amount of concern about Afghanistan. I think we all share that concern."

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

Hoyer (D-Md.), No. 2 in the hierarchy on the majority side, has been a strong supporter of Obama's plans in Afghanistan and Iraq, but bloody battles with Taliban insurgents and corruption in the Kabul government have taken a toll among his colleagues, he said at a news conference. "Do you hear discussion of it?" he said. "I think the answer is yes."

In the Senate, a report on progress in Afghanistan was cut short Tuesday when Gen. David Petraeus, who oversees the war effort as head of the Army Central Command, briefly took ill. He quickly recovered but the Armed Services Committee hearing was postponed until Wednesday. In brief testimony, Petraeus said plans for the beginning of troop withdrawals in July 2011 were still "condition based." Asked directly for his personal and professional judgment on the pull-out plan, he said, "In a perfect world . . . we have to be very careful with timelines."

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Concerned INDEED!!!!!

According to democrats Iraq was the BAD war. Bush handed Obama an Iraq by numbers plan that has more or less been followed. Iraq is not perfect but well on its way to being WON and over.

Democrats often armchair quarterbacked the Iraq war by proclaiming the Afghanistan war as "the good war." US deaths are way up in Afghanistan, something our media would have been MUCH MORE vocal about during the Bush years!!!!!
The mountainous terrain in Afghanistan gives the Taliban EVERY advantage, One guy, at the mouth of a cave, can look down miles of mountain valleys and see our troops coming for MILES.
In the open desert of Iraq there was NO PLACE TO RUN, NO PLACE TO HIDE and WE had every advantage.
DID Bush sucker terrorists down from their mountain tops, out of their caves and defensive positions where they had every advantage to the open desert of Iraq where WE had every advantage???

Democrats are now in the drivers seat fighting the GOOD war in Afghanistan...... are they getting nervous because democrats know they better not screw it up?????

It's begining to look that way.

June 16 2010 at 11:41 PM Report abuse +3 rate up rate down Reply

As I see it, here are the four (4) main reasons why the United States WILL FAIL in Afghanistan: (1). Troop strength, especially that of actual combat forces, is way too small. Fact: Of all the troops currently serving there, only 1/3 of them [Infantry, Rangers, Armored Cavalry, and Special Forces] are DIRECT COMBAT FORCES. The rest consist of so-called DIRECT and INDIRECT “SUPPORT FORCES.” (2). Outrageous policies imposed on our combat troops regarding how to conduct themselves when encountering and/or engaging the enemy on the battlefield. The so-called “Rules of Engagement” is a misnomer meaning “Rules of NON-Engagement.” (3). Advance Announcements by our military of planned military Operations/Offensives, and - Dates of planned troop withdrawals?!? NO WONDER WE’RE LOSING THIS WAR TO THE ENEMY! They know well in advance what we're going to do, - and (4). NATO’s useless contribution to the war effort. Let’s face it, while the USA, Canada, Australia [a non-NATO member], and England have greatly contributed to the war effort, other nations like: Germany, Turkey, and Spain have provided very little. To sum up my feelings regarding this war - If we’re not willing to unleash our full military might against the Taliban, and NATO member countries continue to seek any and all excuses not to participate fully in the war effort, then its time we (USA) withdraw our troops from there and - terminate our membership alliance to NATO. Let the EU create their own military alliance.

June 16 2010 at 11:28 AM Report abuse +4 rate up rate down Reply

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