Newt Gingrich Still Thinks Political Consultants Are 'Stupid'


Matt Lewis

Today's Washington Post includes a somewhat controversial quote from former Speaker Newt Gingrich on the subject of political consultants: "Consultants, in my opinion, are stupid," he tells them.

... It turns out, this is not a new revelation. In fact, three years ago, I reported on Gingrich's disdain for political consultants when I interviewed him in in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here's what he had to say back in 2007:
I think Republican consultants are mostly very stupid. I think they have no education. I think they have no sense of history. ... If I throw away African Americans, and then I throw away Latinos, and then I throw away suburban women, and then I throw away people under 40, and then I throw away everything north of Philadelphia -- there's a morning where Republicans can't get to a majority.
It's worth noting that back in 2007, Gingrich said consultants were "mostly" stupid, but in today's Washington Post column, he seems to have removed the qualifier.

Interestingly, when I wrote that 2007 post, I also asked some of the top GOP consultants in America to respond to Newt's condemnation. Surprisingly, most of them (sort of) agreed with him.

On another note, that same Washington Post column also notes that after Labor Day, Republicans plan to unveil a "blueprint of what Republicans will do if they take back control of the chamber." Might I suggest they check out my "Contract With America, 2.0"?