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A Troubling Question About Obama's Religion: Is He a Covert Catholic?

4 years ago
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A couple of readers responded to my recent post about the religions of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell by asking why I didn't spend my time digging deeper into the religious history of President Obama.

As one of them reminded me, Obama attended school "in a MUSLIM country." A real reporter would keep probing, he said. I took that admonition to heart and went searching for clear evidence. And truly, I uncovered information that could be troubling to every real American.

In fact, Obama did spend several of his childhood years in Indonesia, the world's largest mostly-Muslim nation. He attended two schools. One, by all accounts, is a public school attended by affluent kids. The other, where he took classes for a couple of years, was in a poor neighborhood. And the record indicates this school engaged in daily religious indoctrination of its students, including prayers.

President ObamaIs it a stretch to think that the young Obama might have had his beliefs shaped by his years at that school? The question must be asked: What did he learn and when did he learn it at Santo Fransiskus Asisi? Is it possible that President Obama is a secret Catholic? (I'm not the first person to raise the question, btw. )

Obama cleverly hid his Catholic history by only mentioning it in his autobiography and several interviews. But that hasn't stopped a few reporters from pulling out the facts. The anti-Obama troops at the Washington Post did a long profile of that Catholic school earlier this year.

The foreboding foreign name of the school actually translates into the deceptively friendly "Saint Francis of Assisi." Why would the school try to hide that if there were no nefarious schemes going on?

I know that other seekers after truth have tended to focus on Obama's distant connection with Islam. Historically speaking, however, Muslims haven't been great with conspiracies. They keep their animosities right out in the open. Did anybody think that al-Qaeda was a charity group, even before 9/11?

But Catholics? As any reader of "The DaVinci Code" knows, the Catholic Church can keep its secrets for centuries.

How implausible is it that a Dutch Catholic priest running a school in Jakarta would have identified a black, American tween with an Arabic name more than 30 years ago and marked him as a future president of the United States? And programmed him to do the Vatican's bidding? Attention must be paid!

I call upon the White House press corps to ask the hard questions the next time Obama is willing to face the queries:

Are you, Mr. President, a hidden Catholic, taking orders broadcast by the pope through the antenna in that tall hat he wears? Can you prove you are not a Catholic? If so, you should be able to produce a certificate of non-baptism signed by the priest who didn't baptize you.

If Obama is unable to answer the questions, I call upon every Catholic in the entire world to sign a certified statement disavowing any link between the president and their faith.

Otherwise, my readers and I will know the truth.
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