Is Mike Beebe Married?


Mike Beebe, incumbent Democratic Arkansas governor, is running for re-election against Republican businessman and former state Sen. Jim Keet. As part of a Politics Daily series providing background about the major candidates in the 2010 midterm elections, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Beebe.

Is Mike Beebe married?


Who is Mike Beebe's wife?

Beebe is married to Ginger Beebe. According to her official bio, she was born in Little Rock, Ark., and raised in Searcy. She was adopted as a child and says it motivated her passion for women's and children's issues.

What does Ginger Beebe do for a living?

Ginger Beebe is a mother and community volunteer. She serves on the boards of several charity organizations.

How old is Mike Beebe's wife?

Beebe's wife is 61 years old.

How long have Mike Beebe and his wife been married?

The Beebes have been married for 31 years, tying the knot in 1979.

How did Mike Beebe and his wife meet?

The Beebes met while working with the Jaycees organization.

Does Mike Beebe have children?

Yes. The Beebes have three adult children.

Does Mike Beebe have grandchildren?

Beebe has five grandchildren.

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