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Rand Paul Backer Stomps on Woman Outside Kentucky Senate Debate [VIDEO]

4 years ago
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A Rand Paul supporter apologized Tuesday for stomping on the head of a volunteer outside of a debate between the Kentucky Senate candidate and his opponent, Jack Conway. Paul, the Republican nominee, said the incident Monday night appeared to be a crowd control problem, with partisans on both sides "jockeying back and forth."

But the woman, identified by CNN as Lauren Valle, 23, was pushed to the ground -- her blond wig was pulled off in the scuffle -- and then held down. One man shouted for the police, but another -- later identified as Paul volunteer, Tim Profitt -- stepped on Valle's shoulder and then stomped down, his foot hitting her head. He backed off when someone else told him to stop. Valle stayed on the ground, motionless.

"These supporters were not very nice to me and my message, which is the same as everyone else. I just wanted to get out here with a sign, but I got my head stepped on," Valle told Louisville's Fox41. "I have a bit of a headache." (She later said her face was swollen and her neck and shoulder were sore.) Profitt said he was sorry. "I apologize if it appeared overly forceful," he told the Associated Press, "but I was concerned about Rand's safety."

Profitt is expected to be served with a court summons, leaving it to a judge to decide whether he will be charged in the incident. The Paul campaign dropped him as its coordinator for Bourbon County in Central Kentucky and barred him from future campaign events, the AP said. There was no sign either candidate -- Paul or Conway, his Democratic rival -- witnessed the scuffle. Paul's campaign called the incident "incredibly unfortunate" and said "violence of any kind has no place in our civil discourse and we urge supporters on all sides to be civil to one another." Paul, a physician, said Tuesday on Fox News he didn't like what happened, but it was "an unusual situation to have so many people, so passionate on both sides, jockeying back and forth."

"There was a bit of a crowd control problem. I don't want anybody though to be involved in things that aren't civil," he said. "...It wasn't something that I liked or anybody liked about that situation. So I hope in the future it is going to be better."

MoveOn is a well known liberal group. CNN said a woman named Lauren Valle of Falmouth, Mass., was arrested in May with Greenpeace activists in Louisiana for painting anti-Arctic-drilling signs on a ship Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was about to board.

Watch the video of the incident in Lexington here.

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When it comes to physical violence, there has to be consequences, especially when it comes to men against women. I'm sure the judge knows what to do.

October 26 2010 at 10:07 AM

Well we've finally made it to the Nazi Brown Shirt age again. Congrats Dr. Paul and to all your supports. I'm glad to see that you believe this is the way polictial candidates and their followers are suppose to behave. I am ashamed to admit I was a Marine who served this country so ******** like you and the rest of your egoserving friends could run for office. God help this country because nobody else is going to.

October 26 2010 at 10:04 AM

What happened before this altercation? Was she just an innocent bystander or did she instigate this whole thing? We'd like to know Politics Daily!!

October 26 2010 at 10:04 AM

This is how crazy people have become over politics. To step on a woman's head. I hope she sues his butt! PEOPLE get a grip! All politicans are corrupt and this shows how people lose their wits at these stupid rallies.

October 26 2010 at 10:03 AM

THERE IS NOT EXCUSE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR. I'm not blaming Rand Paul. But this criminal attack is pure violence. Not matter what happened before, she was attacked violently and was not resisting. Anybody who can find ANY way of justifying the head stomping of someone who was just wrestled (by a mob) to the ground, needs to be evaluated for their own violent impulses before they hurt themselves or others.

October 26 2010 at 10:03 AM

Why was she wearing a wig? Could that have been a disguise? What was she doing before the cameras started rolling?

October 26 2010 at 10:01 AM +1

Again, the Dems are doing what they do best, antagonize others and then something like this happens which is exactly what they want and do best. Someone getting frustrated and the whole thing goes to crap. It only takes one fool in the group to make everyone else look bad. The problem hear is once the national media gets a hold of this they'll brandish all of those in Kentucky as hate mongers. Rand with a nice lead will now have to hold off Conway the rest of the way. For the rest of the Republican party the next 7 days, be good to those rats because they'll be hiding in your area the rest of the week. They have been doing it for 50 years, they are good at it, so be peaceful and give them no more ammunition for the rest of the week.

October 26 2010 at 10:00 AM +5

It is too bad that we have reached this state in todays politics. The man in Paduka needs to be arrested for assault. Yes, there needs to be changes in politics, but the radicalism needs to stop.

October 26 2010 at 9:54 AM -1

WOW, that Massachusetts woman didn't know she was in Kentucky, did she? Whole different playing field I would guess. needs to watch where they send their silly, ignorant people. Of course, it is highly likely that Soros who owns Move on doesn't know much about American hill people since he is from Budapest.

October 26 2010 at 9:52 AM +5

#1, I am a Democrat...always have been...since I was 12 years old. #2, I am not an "always" a supporter of #3, I am not a frequent supporter of Replicans, and, well, #4...Like the so-called "Tea Party." Now... The main thrust for Tea Partiers is Racist: They just can't stand a black man being president. The dominating connector of Conservaties, Today's Repblicans, Tea RACISM. If there true feelings could be realized, they want to revert back to pre-civil war days.

October 26 2010 at 9:49 AM -4


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