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Woman Roughed Up by Rand Paul Supporters Vows Legal Action

3 years ago
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A woman who was wrestled to the ground and then stepped on by a supporter of Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul says she was "traumatized" and injured in the incident and intends to take legal action.

Lauren Valle, a liberal activist who wanted to give Paul a bogus award outside a debate in Lexington, Ky., Monday night, said she thought the attack was premeditated and said it left her injured and in "severe shock." She vowed "further legal action," according to the Washington Post. "It is very important that people be held responsible," said Valle, who is 23 and lives on Cape Cod.

Valle was in a crowd in a parking lot prior to a debate between Paul and Democrat Jack Conway. Apparently she called out to Paul as he passed through the group in the hope of presenting him with a mock "corporate employee of the month" award. She was intercepted by several of Paul's followers who took her down -- a blond wig flew off her head in the process. One man, Paul volunteer Tim Profitt, put his foot on the back of her shoulders, then stomped down, striking her head. Profitt, who was issued a "criminal summons" by police, was dropped by the Paul campaign as a county coordinator. He said the incident wasn't as bad as it looked and that he was only trying to shield Paul.

"My memory is that of a traumatized person. I distinctly remember a blow to my head," Valle said in a conference call Wednesday with reporters. "They identified me as a MoveOn worker, and as someone they knew from prior campaign events. Add so, about five minutes before Rand Paul showed up, they motioned to each other to start taking photographs of me. . . . It was premeditated. As soon as Rand Paul's car showed up they started to move in front of me." Valle said Monday night that her neck and shoulder were sore and her face was swollen.

Profitt apologized for his action on Tuesday, but then told WKYT-TV the next day that Valle "initiated the whole thing" and "I would like her to apologize to me, to be honest with you."

Paul, a favorite of the tea party movement, said Tuesday the incident was a consequence of a "crowd control problem" and passionate people on both sides "jockeying back and forth." See for yourself in the video. His campaign condemned the act and barred Profitt from future events.

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