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Christina Taylor Green, September 11, 2001 - January 8, 2011

4 years ago
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Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11, 2001. She died in another public display of violence on January 8, 2011.

She was shot in Tucson, along with 19 other people, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Five victims died at the scene. Of the six fatalities, only Christina died at the hospital. Her uncle Greg Segalini said she took a bullet in the chest.

The 9-year-old girl had accompanied a neighbor to the "town hall" event in a supermarket parking lot because she wanted to meet Gabrielle Giffords. Christina was newly elected to the student council at Mesa Verde Elementary School.

Christina grew up on the northwest side of Tucson, the same part of town where her alleged killer Jared Lee Loughner went to elementary, middle and high school. Loughner was "disturbed," say those who knew him. He was obsessed with currency, literacy and something he called "conscience dreaming." (Loughner's online ramblings bring to mind the tragic shooting spree at Virginia Tech in 2007.)

Christina's family described her as as "vibrant" and "excited about life." She was the "best daughter in the world." As I type, "Christina Taylor Greene" is trending on Twitter. People around the world offer their thoughts, prayers and sympathies to the family. The word "senseless" appears again and again.

She was the granddaughter of former Phillies manager Dallas Green, and the daughter of Dodgers baseball scout John Green. Christina was the only girl on her Canyon Del Oro baseball team.

Christina was part of the Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11 project. Her entry, on page 42, reads: " I hope you know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner and sing it with your hand over your heart. I hope you jump in rain puddles."

Rounding out her obit: She had just taken her first Holy Communion at St. Odilia Catholic Church. She loved horses, and she wanted to become a veterinarian. She liked to swim. And she studied ballet. Small things matter when your life lasts nine years and no more.

One news site commenter wrote: "I struggle with the 'everything happens for a reason' philosophy, but is her birthday really a coincidence? If we don't find a way to come together instead of railing at each other, I fear for the future our beloved country."

Another wrote: "We are destroying our future by refusing to deal rationally with our present. God bless you child. God help us all."

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