Cliff Foster - Night Managing Editor Cliff Foster is a veteran journalist who started his career as a reporter... more
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Tom Kavanagh - Morning Editor

Tom Kavanagh began working in journalism the year Jimmy Carter became president and, by God, they're both still around... more

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Bruce Drake - Contributing Editor

Drake began his career with the New York Daily News, spending most of that time in Washington covering Congress, national politics and the Reagan White House... more

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Mary Winter - Assistant Managing Editor

Mary Winter has worked in seven newsrooms in Arizona, Texas and Colorado... more

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Carla Baranauckas - Copy Editor

Carla Baranauckas worked as an editor at The New York Times for 21 years. Her assignments at The Times included the national desk, the metro desk... more

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Colin McDonald - Producer

Colin McDonald is a communications, marketing, and web production expert who has plied his trade... more

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Julie Patton - Chief Moderator

A native Texan, Julie graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Political Science. She earned her JD from... more

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Tom Diemer - Correspondent

Tom Diemer is a former longtime Cleveland Plain Dealer Washington bureau chief and columnist. He is also an editor and faculty lecturer... more

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Christopher Weber - Correspondent Christopher Weber is a writer and editor... more
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Annie Groer - Correspondent

Annie Groer, a former Washington Post gossip columnist, has covered White House and Congress and written widely about design... more

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Andrew Cohen - Legal Analyst

Andrew Cohen is a two-time Edward R. Murrow Award-winner and legal editor and chief network legal analyst and commentator... more
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Mary C. Curtis - National Correspondent Mary C. Curtis, an NPR contributor based in Charlotte, N.C., was previously a writer and editor for The New York Times... more
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Sarah Wildman - Foreign Policy Correspondent

Sarah Wildman writes on the intersection of culture and politics, history and memory in Europe and America. Over the last decade, she has... more
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David Corn - Columnist

David Corn is the Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones magazine. Prior to that he was the Washington editor of The Nation magazine for twenty years... more

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Jeffrey Weiss - Correspondent

Jeffrey Weiss is an award-winning reporter who covered the ins and outs of faith 'n values for more than a decade for the Dallas Morning News... more

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Robert Schmuhl - Correspondent

Robert Schmuhl is Walter H. Annenberg-Edmund P. Joyce Chair of American Studies and Journalism at the University of Notre Dame.

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Suzi Parker - Correspondent

Suzi Parker is an award-winning journalist and author, focusing extensively on politics, sex and Southern culture. She is a regular contributor to The Economist, US News... more
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Eleanor Clift - Contributor

Eleanor Clift became a contributing editor for Newsweek Magazine in September 1994. She writes on the Washington power structure, the influence of women in politics... more
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Sandra Fish - Correspondent

Sandra Fish is a journalism instructor at the University of Colorado who's covered state government and politics in Iowa, Florida and Colorado... more

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Lou Cannon - Correspondent

Lou Cannon, a California freelance writer and Reagan biographer, worked 26 years for The Washington Post.

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Luisita Lopez Torregrosa - Correspondent

Luisita Lopez Torregrosa, a former editor at The New York Times and magazine writer, is an adjunct professor at Columbia... more

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Bonnie Goldstein - Woman UP Editor Bonnie Goldstein has been a private eye, Senate aide, coat check girl, Slate columnist, unwed mother, and investigative producer for ABC News.... more
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James Grady - Contributor

Best known for his first of 14 novels SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR that became a Robert Redford movie, James Grady has been a U.S. Senate aide and a national investigative reporter... more

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James Daubs - Contributor

James Daubs is a freelance writer living in New York City. He works full-time for a major not-for-profit organization...more

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Joann M. Weiner - Contributor

Joann Martens Weiner is an adjunct professor of economics at George Washington University, where she teaches public economics... more

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Delia Lloyd - Correspondent Delia Lloyd is a writer based in London. Her work has appeared in The International Herald Tribune, The Guardian Weekly and on the BBC World Service... more
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Donna Trussell - Contributor Donna Trussell is a poet, fiction writer, and former film critic. Her 2008 poetry collection, What’s Right about What’s Wrong, was published by Helicon Nine... more
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Mia Navarro - Contributor Mia Navarro is a New York Times reporter based in New York, where she covers the environment. She is also the author of Green Wedding.... more
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Helena Andrews - Contributor Helena Andrews writes about the importance of everything pop culture. Her collection of essays, Bitch is the New Black, will be published by Harper Collins the summer of 2010... more
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Lizzie Skurnick - Contributor Lizzie Skurnick is the author of Shelf Discovery, a memoir of teen reading that Publishers Weekly called "wildly entertaining". The columnist for’s Fine Lines... more
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