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Simon & Schuster / AP

'O: A Presidential Novel' by Anonymous: Credit Where Credit is Due

-Bonnie Goldstein
The new book about the inner workings of the White House clamors for attention because the author is unnamed. That may sell books, but what does it say to its readers?
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Democrats Could Lose Senate, Biden Warns Party

-Politics Daily Staff

Democrats are only four seats away from losing control of the Senate to Republicans in 2012, Vice President Biden warned supporters in a online appeal for donations Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton Popular With Public but Finished With Government After 2012

-Politics Daily Staff

Clinton made it perfectly clear once again: She's through with politics after next year and intends to return to private life.

Nevada's Sharron Angle Launches Run for U.S. House

-Politics Daily Staff

She kicked off her campaign for one of state's four U.S. House seats on Wednesday with a video of her seated at a kitchen table and lamenting the national debt.

The Gridiron Club's 2011 Political/Media Roast and Toast Lyrics

-Annie Groer

Here are the lyrics from every parody performed this weekend at the Gridiron dinner by nearly 100 journalists and a handful of vocally-blessed ringers with truly great voices.

Women in Politics: Groups Aim to Increase the Numbers in 2012

-Sandra Fish

With the 2012 elections in mind, several groups see an opportunity in the upcoming redistricting and are gearing up to recruit and train women candidates.

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bargaining Bill, but Wider Political War Looming

-Tom Diemer

It will take years to sort out the winners and losers in Wisconsin in the aftermath of the bitter struggle to limit the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions.

Sarah Palin: Could She Run as an Independent or Third Party Candidate?

-Suzi Parker

The field of conservative 2012 presidential hopefuls is crowded. To stay in the game, Palin may have to split from the GOP and go rogue. It wouldn't be the first time.

In Iowa, 'Social Issues' Emphasis Could Limit GOP Presidential Field -- and Focus

-Jill Lawrence

The clout of social conservatives in Iowa is a dilemma for GOP prospects who would rather focus on economic issues that are of broad national concern.

Enough With Budget Brinksmanship: The Case for Waiting Until 2012

-Walter Shapiro

Without a national consensus, there is no way to cross the Red Sea of the deficit. A presidential campaign remains the best way to create such a political consensus.

Sarah Palin's Parents: We Sleep With Guns After Death Threats

-Christopher Weber

In an interview with BBC News, Chuck Heath said a man recently sent he and his wife photocopies of a receipt for a gun he bought, along with with a photocopy of a one-way ticket to Alaska.

N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue Vetoes Challenge to Health Care Reform Bill

-Mary C. Curtis

A Democrat, Perdue vetoed legislation passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature that challenges a provision that would require the purchase of health insurance.

'Feelings Thermometer': Michelle Obama Ranks 'Warmest' With Voters, Pelosi 'Coldest'

-Bruce Drake

Poll shows Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton top the list of those who get the "warmest" reactions while Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi get the "coldest."

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