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Sarah Palin Heading to Israel, Taking Path of Other GOP Hopefuls

-Politics Daily Staff

Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, plans to meet with Israel's conservative prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

Palin Seen More Negatively by Republicans Than Other Possible 2012 Candidates, Poll Finds

-Bruce Drake

If Sarah Palin is seriously considering a run for president in 2012, the latest poll on her standing among Republican candidates contains the same kind of bad news that could be found in earlier surveys.

Sen. Rand Paul Heading to Key Presidential Contest States

-Politics Daily Staff

Rand Paul isn't talking about White House ambitions at this point, but his father, Rep. Ron Paul, says there's a 50-50 chance that he will run for president again in 2012.

Huckabee, Bachmann Score Highest in GOP 2012 Field on 'Positive Intensity' of Support

-Bruce Drake

Even Huckabee's and Bachmann's top scores weren't very high, according to Gallup who made the calculation. The poll shows that the potential candidates with high name recognition still need to translate that into voter intensity.

Obama Jokes for His Supper at His First Gridiron Dinner Appearance as President

-Annie Groer

Bowing to precedent -- and perhaps the advice of his 2012 campaign staff -- President Obama finally attended the dinner that has been thrown by Washington journalists for 126 years.

Sarah Palin's Popularity Slips to 60 Percent Disapproval Rate in Poll

-Tom Diemer

The Bloomberg survey found 60 percent viewed Palin unfavorably -- numbers that suggest she faces a challenge attracting voters beyond her conservative base if she decides to run for president.

Why Gingrich Needs to Find His Inner Victim

-David Gibson

Gingrich shouldn't try to polish his image by portraying himself as a hero whose good public deeds outweigh his personal failings. Research suggests he'd have more success by playing the victim.

Latest From Gingrich: Presidential Announcement Likely in May

-Tom Diemer

The choreographed run-up to announcing an official candidacy promises would-be candidates like Gingrich free media attention every step of the way.

Sarah Palin: Could She Run as an Independent or Third Party Candidate?

-Suzi Parker

The field of conservative 2012 presidential hopefuls is crowded. To stay in the game, Palin may have to split from the GOP and go rogue. It wouldn't be the first time.

Obama's Education Trip: As Much About Campaigning as Classrooms

-Alex Wagner

The president has used the education issue strategically to draw a sharp contrast between his vision for the country and that of the GOP.

David Broder, the Best Boy on the Campaign Bus, Dies at 81

-Walter Shapiro

The legendary Washington Post political reporter treated his journalistic calling and the voters with reverence and never succumbed to the know-it-all self-importance that is an occupational hazard on the political beat.

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