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Obama Talks Jobs, the Deficit, Drugs and More in YouTube Interview

-Alex Wagner

The president fielded a range of questions from across the country. The administration denied it was an effort to court young voters, instead calling it 'an online town hall meeting.'

CPAC Chair David Keene Responds to Social Conservatives

-Matt Lewis

The head of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) responds to social conservatives who are boycotting the gathering.

WikiLeaks' DEA Exposé: 'Mission Creep' and the War on Drugs

-Matt Lewis

The latest release of WikiLeaks cables shows the U.S. war on drugs is taking place in 63 countries. But should it?

Pat Robertson: Decriminalize Marijuana (Yes, THAT Pat Robertson)

-David Gibson

The founder of the Christian Coalition finds his libertarian side. Or else he's been smoking something. But pro-pot activists are pleased.

Hollywood's Role in Changing Attitudes About Gays

-Matt Lewis

Walter Shapiro is spot-on when he gives credit (or blame, depending on your point of view) to the entertainment industry for contributing to changing cultural attitudes about homosexuality.

The Politics of Pot: Marijuana Exerts Election-Year Pull on Young Voters

-Christopher Weber

Whether the pro-marijuana initiatives on four state ballots pass or go up in smoke, pot as a political issue -- and drawing card during elections -- isn't going away.

George Soros Gives $1 Million to Back Legalized-Marijuana Ballot Measure

-Tom Kavanagh

California's Proposition 19 gets a deep-pocketed supporter as billionaire George Soros announces a $1 million donation to boost the pro-pot ballot initiative.

California Voters to Decide on Pot, Global Warming, Fiscal Affairs

-Lou Cannon

California's long-running love affair with "direct democracy" will be tested on Nov. 2 as entrepreneurs and interest groups seek approval of nine initiatives, two of which have national implications.

Legalized Marijuana in California: Polls Now Show a Close Call

-Lou Cannon

Prop. 19, which would allow adults to grow pot for personal use, is running into flak -- even from backers of medical marijuana and legalization, who predict a crazy quilt of new regulations if it passes.

Democrats Wonder if Legal Pot on State Ballots Will Fire Up Young Voters in 2012

-Christopher Weber

A ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana has fired up 20-somethings in California, and as a result Democrats are considering pushing for similar measures in swing states two years from now.

Mexican Drug Wars: Press Freedom Is the Latest Victim

-Delia Lloyd

El Diario newspaper in Ciudad Juarez runs a front-page editorial asking drug cartels what the rules of coverage should be. It's just another result of mounting violence and intimidation.

Marijuana Legalization Opposed in California

-Tom Diemer

Proposition 19, an issue on the California ballot that would legalize some marijuana possession and use, is an "invitation to chaos," an influential newspaper in the state said Saturday.

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