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Saul Loeb, AFP / Getty Images

Obama's Non-Response to WikiLeaks Neglects Troops, War on Terror

-Oliver North
His administration's flippant attitude toward the leaked documents and the perpetrator shows a troubling lack of concern for national security and national security personnel.
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House Rejects Proposal to Pull Troops from Afghanistan

-Politics Daily Staff

The House on Thursday rejected a proposal to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, news agencies reported.

Poll Shows Faith in Government Plummets; Warning Signs for Republicans Emerge

-Bruce Drake

In a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, only 26 percent of Americans say they’re optimistic about 'our system of government and how well it works.'

Obama: Here's Your Change, Sir

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Tangled up in blue? Red? Let's just say tangled.

82nd Airborne Quick-Strike Force Gives Obama New Option in Mideast Crises

-David Wood

Until recently, the United States has lacked a quick-reaction, kick-in-the-door crisis force. The 82nd Airborne is changing that, and with upheaval boiling across the Mideast, perhaps just in time.

Libya and Iraq: Two Ways of Opposing a Tyrant -- but One Stole the Nation's Pride

-Mark I. Pinsky

The U.S. invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein, but it may have robbed Iraqis of eventually pursuing a home-grown victory. With Libya, U.S. officials remember such pitfalls of intervention.

WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning Hit With 22 New Charges

-Tom Diemer

One of the charges, "aiding the enemy," carries the death penalty, but military prosecutors said they would not recommend capital punishment in the case.

Marc Grossman Reported to Be Next Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan

-Carla Baranauckas

Grossman, a retired diplomat, would succeed Richard Holbrooke, who died in December.

The Afghanistan War: Tactical Victories, Strategic Stalemate?

-David Wood

Despite battlefield victories touted by Gen. David Petraeus, the United States is not making strategic gains in Afghanistan, analysts say.

Rumsfeld Says He Should Have Quit Defense Post After Abu Ghraib Scandal

-Politics Daily Staff

In his memoir, Rumsfeld defends his record presiding over two wars, but says he regrets some of those wisecracks, such as referring derisively to France and Germany as "Old Europe."

Poll: Democrats and Republicans Strongly Favor Alternative Energy Incentives, Tax Overhaul

-Bruce Drake

A Gallup poll asked about eight possible actions that Congress could take in 2011 and the two that got the biggest majorities across party lines were providing incentives to develop alternative energy and revamping the tax code.

Army Was Advised Not to Send Suspected Leaker Bradley Manning to Iraq

-Politics Daily Staff

Manning, a prime suspect in the WikiLeaks security breach, drew attention to himself with his eccentric behavior at Fort Drum, N.Y., before his deployment to Iraq, Army investigators say.

State of the Union: Obama Calls Investment in Innovation 'Our Sputnik Moment'

-Alex Wagner

'We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time,' the president said. 'We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.'

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