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Doug Dreyer, AP

South Dakota Lawmakers Push Bill for Mandatory Gun Ownership

-Eleanor Clift
The bill, which is unlikely to pass, is meant to illustrate what many critics of the health care law believe -- that the requirement for individuals to buy health insurance is unconstitutional.
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Can the Girl Scouts Help Balance Georgia's Budget?

-Joanne Bamberger

A bill in the Georgia legislature would reduce taxes on corporations to generate jobs but make up for the lost revenue in part by taxing nonprofit fundraising efforts, like Girl Scout cookie sales.

Obama's Education Trip: As Much About Campaigning as Classrooms

-Alex Wagner

The president has used the education issue strategically to draw a sharp contrast between his vision for the country and that of the GOP.

NPR's Schiller & Schiller: Many Political Missteps on the Road to Resigning

-Jill Lawrence

Political naivete and tin ears are the threads running through the saga of Vivian Schiller, forced out as NPR's CEO on Wednesday, and Ron Schiller, no relation, who quit as NPR's top fundraiser on Tuesday.

Should Rep. Peter King Investigate the Catholic Church?

-David Gibson

The Long Island congressman's hearings into Islam have an uncomfortable echo of the prejudices against his own faith.

In Iowa, 'Social Issues' Emphasis Could Limit GOP Presidential Field -- and Focus

-Jill Lawrence

The clout of social conservatives in Iowa is a dilemma for GOP prospects who would rather focus on economic issues that are of broad national concern.

Enough With Budget Brinksmanship: The Case for Waiting Until 2012

-Walter Shapiro

Without a national consensus, there is no way to cross the Red Sea of the deficit. A presidential campaign remains the best way to create such a political consensus.

Obama, Kenya and Natalie Portman: Is Huckabee Letting 2012 Slip Away?

-Jill Lawrence

With his inflammatory rewriting of history and facts, the former Arkansas governor has squandered his leadership credibility and joined the stir-the-pot caucus.

John Galliano, Anti-Semitism, and the Power of Words

-Sarah Wildman

Racist and anti-Semitic remarks are punishable with jail time in France and denying the Holocaust is illegal in several countries. But has anti-Semitism disappeared simply because it is illegal to express it? It has not.

Grand Jury Investigating John Edwards Expected to Report Soon

-Eleanor Clift

The panel, which has been meeting for almost two years, is looking into whether money donated to Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign was used either to support Edwards' mistress or cover up their affair.

U.S. Military Readies Libya Options -- With Caution

-David Wood

The U.S. military is preparing options for intervening in Libya. But history suggests the planners should beware of unintended consequences.

Can Seven Reports Be Wrong About the Risks of Spending Cuts? GOP Says Yes

-Jill Lawrence

Every week, more experts join the ranks of those who want to keep 2011 safe from spending cuts and potential job losses. GOP leaders are willing to take the risk.

GOP White House Hopefuls Need to Get Real About Libya, Egypt and Obama

-Jill Lawrence

From outside the Oval Office, it's easy for the GOP to carp about how Obama is handling Egypt and Libya, and to grandstand about how confrontational they'd be in his place.

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