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Warren Christopher, Former Secretary of State, Democratic Wise Man, Dead at 85

-Politics Daily Staff

President Obama called Christopher a "skilled diplomat, a steadfast public servant and a faithful American." Christopher also served as a senior adviser to Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign.

Obama Jokes for His Supper at His First Gridiron Dinner Appearance as President

-Annie Groer

Bowing to precedent -- and perhaps the advice of his 2012 campaign staff -- President Obama finally attended the dinner that has been thrown by Washington journalists for 126 years.

The Gridiron Club's 2011 Political/Media Roast and Toast Lyrics

-Annie Groer

Here are the lyrics from every parody performed this weekend at the Gridiron dinner by nearly 100 journalists and a handful of vocally-blessed ringers with truly great voices.

Why Gingrich Needs to Find His Inner Victim

-David Gibson

Gingrich shouldn't try to polish his image by portraying himself as a hero whose good public deeds outweigh his personal failings. Research suggests he'd have more success by playing the victim.

White House Longs for 'Golden Era' of Balanced Budgets

-Politics Daily Staff

President Clinton, working with a Republican Congress, balanced the federal budget in 1999 and again in 2000 -- producing surpluses both years.

'Feelings Thermometer': Michelle Obama Ranks 'Warmest' With Voters, Pelosi 'Coldest'

-Bruce Drake

Poll shows Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton top the list of those who get the "warmest" reactions while Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi get the "coldest."

Gay Marriage Decision May Not Hurt Obama or Help the Religious Right

-David Gibson

Growing public acceptance of homosexuals -- even among some Republicans and conservative Christians -- is blunting the issue as a campaign weapon.

From Mike Huckabee to Sarah Palin, the Republicans Offer Indecision 2012

-Walter Shapiro

The hardest decision in politics is to throw rationality overboard and give way to ego and ambition and run for president. No wonder the 2012 GOP crop is taking it slowly.

Third Federal Judge OKs Affordable Care Act

-Andrew Cohen

The Constitution doesn't stop Congress from preventing 'free rides' on health insurance for people who would opt not to buy it, a federal judge says.

Bill Clinton Honors Arkansas' Little Rock Nine, 1957 Civil Rights Icons

-Suzi Parker

He returned to Little Rock to honor the nine African-American students who in 1957 were barred from the racially segregated Little Rock Central High School until President Eisenhower intervened.

DLC, Centrist Democratic Group, Closing Shop

-Tom Diemer

The Democratic Leadership Council reached its peak during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Bill Clinton Meets With Congressional 'Blue Dogs'

-Christopher Weber

The centrist House Democrats will huddle with the former president as they chart a course forward after seeing their ranks thinned following last November's election.

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