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Obama Signs New Stopgap Spending Bill As Budget Talks Continue

-Politics Daily Staff

The bill cuts $6 billion from the current federal budget and keeps the government operating through April 8.

As States Struggle With Deficits, Few Proposals for Cutting Red Ink Get Majority Support

-Bruce Drake

Governors and lawmakers trying to deal with big gaps in state budgets face the same dilemma as their counterparts in Washington: everyone wants to see deficits brought under control, but few proposals to achieve that command a majority.

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bargaining Bill, but Wider Political War Looming

-Tom Diemer

It will take years to sort out the winners and losers in Wisconsin in the aftermath of the bitter struggle to limit the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions.

Participatory Budgeting: In a Chicago Ward, Residents Call the Spending Shots

-Alison Fairbrother

The exercise in democracy, happening in more than 1,200 cities around the world, lets ordinary people directly decide how a portion of their municipal budget is spent.

Wisconsin Fight: Bill Limiting Unions Passes in Messy Process

-Tom Diemer

Events in Wisconsin demonstrated that elections have consequences -- and that state government can touch people's lives in a more direct and personal way than the federal government in Washington.

NPR's Schiller & Schiller: Many Political Missteps on the Road to Resigning

-Jill Lawrence

Political naivete and tin ears are the threads running through the saga of Vivian Schiller, forced out as NPR's CEO on Wednesday, and Ron Schiller, no relation, who quit as NPR's top fundraiser on Tuesday.

White House Longs for 'Golden Era' of Balanced Budgets

-Politics Daily Staff

President Clinton, working with a Republican Congress, balanced the federal budget in 1999 and again in 2000 -- producing surpluses both years.

Rival Budget Bills Fail in Senate, Shutdown Countdown Begins

-Patricia Murphy

The impasse means that lawmakers will continue negotiations ahead of a March 18 deadline. That's when the current short-term spending measure expires and the government could shutdown without a new agreement.

Biden's Absence From Budget Talks Miffs GOP Negotiators

-Tom Diemer

With time running short on the latest temporary budget, Majority Leader Eric Cantor called for President Obama to get directly involved in talks seeking a compromise on spending cuts.

In Government Shutdown, President and Congress Would Still Get Paid

-Patricia Murphy

We were shocked, too. But a bill in Congress would freeze salaries of lawmakers and the president in the event of a budget impasse.

Nikki Haley Is Grading S.C. Lawmakers as She Advances Conservative Agenda

-Mary C. Curtis

Nikki Haley became a political star on the national scene and in her home state of South Carolina with her tea party-fueled campaign for governor. Now, that she has the job, she is trying to make her mark.

Mitch McConnell: Obama Not Serious About Entitlements Reform

-Bruce Drake

McConnell said that “this is the perfect time to tackle entitlement reform” because both political parties now share power – and responsibility – in Washington.

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