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White House Longs for 'Golden Era' of Balanced Budgets

-Politics Daily Staff

President Clinton, working with a Republican Congress, balanced the federal budget in 1999 and again in 2000 -- producing surpluses both years.

Obama, Jeb Bush to Join in Education Reform Event at Florida School

-Tom Diemer

Bush, the former Florida governor, didn't appreciate it when Obama blamed his brother for the nation's economic plight, but the two will share a stage, and their goals for education reform, Friday in the Sunshine State.

GOP White House Hopefuls Need to Get Real About Libya, Egypt and Obama

-Jill Lawrence

From outside the Oval Office, it's easy for the GOP to carp about how Obama is handling Egypt and Libya, and to grandstand about how confrontational they'd be in his place.

Obama: Government Shutdown Must Be Avoided for 'Sake of Our People'

-Tom Diemer

Republican leaders want another short-term budget -- running to March 18 and cutting spending by $4 billion.

George W. Bush Takes Pass on Event Featuring WikiLeaks Founder Assange

-Tom Diemer

A Bush spokesman said the former president accepted the speaking invitation six months ago, but only learned this week that master leaker Julian Assange was on the agenda at the Denver event.

Amid Chaos in Libya, Gadhafi Vows to 'Die Here as a Martyr'

-David Wood

The dictator calls Libyan protesters tools of the Americans and warns that if they don't disband by Wednesday, they will be executed without mercy.

Mitch Daniels, Michael Dukakis, George Will and the 'Charisma of Competence'

-Jill Lawrence

Competence did not turn Mike Dukakis into a charismatic presidential candidate. Will it work in 2012 for Indiana's Mitch Daniels?

Obama Administration Returns to Earlier Conscience Protections For Health Workers

-David Gibson

The changes announced Friday keep some Bush-era language on abortion but largely disappoint social conservatives.

Obama Budget Due Monday as Debate Nears on Raising Debt Ceiling

-Tom Diemer

A fiscal trifecta is taking shape in Washington: Republicans want to cut this year's budget, Obama is preparing to unveil his 2012 spending plan, and debate on the debt limit is on the horizon.

Don Rumsfeld Discusses John McCain Feud

-Matt Lewis

Since the release of former Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld's new memoir, there has been a bit of a back-and-forth with Sen. John McCain, including McCain's comment that "thank God [Rumsfeld] was relieved of his duties." During a meeting with conservative bloggers Thursday, Rumsfeld addressed his tense relationship with McCain.

Reagan's Long Shadow Over Clinton, Obama, and Both Bushes

-Carl M. Cannon

From his economic model to his sunny disposition and famous communication skills, Reagan has left a lasting legacy -- both good and bad -- making him a difficult act to follow.

White House Condemns Prosecution of American Alan Gross in Cuba

-Tom Diemer

Gross, who was reportedly working to distribute satellite phones and computer equipment when arrested, has been held in Cuba since late 2009.

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