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Latest From Gingrich: Presidential Announcement Likely in May

-Tom Diemer

The choreographed run-up to announcing an official candidacy promises would-be candidates like Gingrich free media attention every step of the way.

Mitt Romney in New Hampshire: Lots of Buzz but No Announcement -- Yet

-Tom Diemer

Romney, who was governor in next-door Massachusetts, ran a close second in the 2008 New Hampshire Primary. Winning the state's 2012 contest will be a must, if he chooses to run again.

Newt Gingrich Poised to Run: Why the 1990s GOP Icon Struggles for Respect

-Walter Shapiro

'Newt's like Palin,' said one GOP insider. 'Everybody loves listening to him. But they won't vote for him.'

Newt Gingrich Inching Toward Presidential Dance?

-Tom Diemer

Gingrich is reportedly about to form an "exploratory committee." That's the first step in a choreographed process often leading to a formal declaration of candidacy. Idea is maximize media coverage every step of the way.

Gay Marriage Decision May Not Hurt Obama or Help the Religious Right

-David Gibson

Growing public acceptance of homosexuals -- even among some Republicans and conservative Christians -- is blunting the issue as a campaign weapon.

Mike Huckabee Again Defends Obama's Christian Faith and Family Values

-David Gibson

At the National Press Club, the potential GOP presidential contender rejects claims the president is a Muslim, as he's done in the past.

Veteran Sen. Dick Lugar Gets Challenge From the Right in Indiana

-Tom Diemer

Lugar, 78, has made it clear he will seek a seventh term -- and he's already raised $2.4 million for his campaign. But his GOP primary foe, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, will likely have the support of the tea party.

Presidential Primaries: Why We Need a Better Way to Pick Nominees

-Robert Schmuhl

The state-vs.-state nominating system is chaotic. A methodical, rational process would involve more voters in the choice of presidential candidates.

Presidential Primary Calendar in Peril as Florida Insists on Early 2012 Date

-Tom Diemer

Never mind Iowa and New Hampshire. The Republican speaker of the Florida House says his state's primary 'should be at the beginning of the national conversation about who the next president is.'

Arizona's Stormy Senate Race: Why the National GOP Is Watching

-Luisita Lopez Torregrosa

The split in Arizona Republicans between traditional conservatives and hardline tea partiers is a deep one. How the party comes together, or doesn't, may be a blueprint for the nation.

Former Sen. Russ Feingold Launches 'Progressive Movement'

-Tom Diemer

The co-sponsor of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law wants to fight the influence of corporate money which poured into GOP campaigns after the Supreme Court threw out key sections of the reform.

Former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine Mulling Senate Race in Virginia?

-Tom Diemer

Kaine, who is chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has insisted his top priority in 2012 is getting Barack Obama reelected president.

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