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Mitt Romney: How Long Can He Steer Clear of GOP Craziness?

-David Corn

Staying out of the race (in an official sense) keeps Romney out of the line of fire. It also allows him to maintain his distance from Republican looniness.

Huckabee's New Book: Playing for Simple Minds?

-David Corn

The former (and perhaps future) presidential candidate says in his new book that the solutions to our problems are simple. But a look a his approaches while governor of Arkansas suggests otherwise.

Roger Ailes' Sex-and-Lies Tale: There Is Something Different About Fox

-David Corn

A lawsuit alleges that Roger Ailes encouraged publisher Judith Regan to lie to federal investigators about an affair she had had with Bernard Kerik when Kerik was nominated to be the secretary of homeland security. And there's audiotape to back up the charge.

Government Shutdown: Who Wins -- or Loses?

-David Corn

By forcing a government shutdown over spending, Speaker John Boehner can appease those on the right -- but at the cost of potentially alienating the middle.

John Boehner's 'Naked Lunch' Moment

-David Corn

Boehner's lack of sympathy for those who could lose their jobs due to the budget-cutting proposal he's pushing belies his where-are-the-jobs mantra of the previous campaign.

Mitt Romney: Adult or Empty Suit?

-David Corn

In his speech at CPAC last week, Romney offered bromides rather than specific proposals on fixing the economy. He seemed content to bash Obama rather than offer alternatives.

Glenn Beck: Should Fox Toss Him Out of the Coop?

-David Corn

Beck has been pitching conspiracy theories on Fox News Channel for a long time, but his rants that the Egyptian uprisings represent a clandestine Islamic-communist cabal may have gone too far.

Where Are All the GOP 2012 Candidates? Blame Sarah Palin

-David Corn

Palin is the 800-pound grizzly. If she enters the race, she will become the gravitational center of the contest. So everyone else is waiting to see what she'll do.

Obama Hate Machine Exploits Egyptian Crisis

-David Corn

Glenn Beck and others never let a crisis go to waste. They've been eager to exploit the uprising in Egypt to further their own goals, portraying the president as too weak to stop "plotting" by the uber-left and Islamicists.

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