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Race to the Top Collides with Race to Nowhere

-Joann M. Weiner
Parents need to listen to their children and be willing to pull back from the misplaced focus on grades and standardized tests that give us a false sense of achievement.
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Obama Urges Reforms to 'No Child Left Behind'

-Christopher Weber

During a speech at a Virginia school, the president spoke of his plans to overhaul George W. Bush's nine-year-old initiative to improve national academic performance.

Obama, Father-in-Chief, Hosts White House Conference on Bullying

-Alex Wagner

Obama announced several anti-bullying initiatives. Bullying, he said, is not 'just a harmless rite of passage. . . . [It] can have destructive consequences for our young people.'

Obama's Education Trip: As Much About Campaigning as Classrooms

-Alex Wagner

The president has used the education issue strategically to draw a sharp contrast between his vision for the country and that of the GOP.

ROTC Returns to Harvard After Four Decades in Wilderness

-Tom Diemer

The White House welcomed the announcement, calling it "an important step in moving past old divisions" and sending a powerful message that a nation at war stands united.

Obama to GOP: Let's 'Step Up Our Game' and Nail Budget Deal

-Tom Diemer

The two sides must close a $50 billion difference between them in proposed spending cuts over the next two weeks.

Gadhafi Ties, Money Topple British University Head

-Delia Lloyd

Sir Howard Davies has stepped down as director of the London School of Economics amid disclosures about the university's controversial financial links with Libya.

Obama, Jeb Bush to Join in Education Reform Event at Florida School

-Tom Diemer

Bush, the former Florida governor, didn't appreciate it when Obama blamed his brother for the nation's economic plight, but the two will share a stage, and their goals for education reform, Friday in the Sunshine State.

Does Free Speech Radicalize Youth? In the U.K., Two Answers to a Divisive Question

-Delia Lloyd

Does exposure to extremist views enlighten young people or radicalize them? Divergent responses are shaping policy -- and attitudes -- in Britain.

Mastery Charter 'Restarts' Philadelphia's Struggling Smedley Public School

-Benjamin Herold

The Philadelphia-based nonprofit has been hailed by President Barack Obama as proof that failing public schools can be quickly resuscitated.

Obama: U.S. 'Poised to Lead,' but More Math & Science Education 'Critical'

-Tom Diemer

Obama said the federal government must continue to promote and invest in education as the key to winning the global economic competition

Marching in Madison: Are Union Workers Welfare Queens, or Friends and Neighbors?

-Eleanor Clift

In Wisconsin, where 40,000 marched on Friday, unions say they are willing to negotiate benefits and contribute more, but the key word is negotiate – they don't want to surrender that basic right.

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