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Obama Getting Heat From Left and Right for U.S. Role in Libyan Attacks

-Politics Daily Staff

Republicans such as Richard Lugar and Roscoe Bartlett are questioning the U.S. intervention, but so are Democrats Jim Webb and Dennis Kucinich.

Libya and Iraq: Two Ways of Opposing a Tyrant -- but One Stole the Nation's Pride

-Mark I. Pinsky

The U.S. invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein, but it may have robbed Iraqis of eventually pursuing a home-grown victory. With Libya, U.S. officials remember such pitfalls of intervention.

Rumsfeld Says He Should Have Quit Defense Post After Abu Ghraib Scandal

-Politics Daily Staff

In his memoir, Rumsfeld defends his record presiding over two wars, but says he regrets some of those wisecracks, such as referring derisively to France and Germany as "Old Europe."

No Rest for the Weary: Obama Arrives in Lisbon for the NATO Summit

-Sarah Wildman

NATO leaders' plates are full: Europe's debt crisis, a re-evaluation of Afghanistan policy, Russian relations, missile defense and nuclear disarmament.

Nicolas Sarkozy Embroiled in Campaign Finance Scandal

-Delia Lloyd

The French president, accused of accepting illegal campaign donations from L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, faces the political fight of his life.

European Debt Crisis Could Shake Global Economy, Markets Suggest

-David Sessions

Shaky European economies are having trouble securing loans from American banks, and anxiety is spreading across the continent.

Carla Bruni Shocked Michelle Obama with Sex Talk, Says New Book

-Jill Lawrence

French first lady Carla Bruni shocked Michelle Obama by trying to compare notes on their sex lives, according to a new book on President Obama's first year in office.

E.U. Leaders Promise $957 Billion Rescue Package for Euro Zone

-David Sessions

Stocks in Europe rebound on news of wide-ranging bailout plan for Greece and Portugal.

Chaos Theory -- When Republicans Go Daft

-Robert and Donna Trussell

They're beyond help. But at least they have each other.

Sarkozy Reiterates Trust in Obama, Support for U.S. Afghanistan Strategy

-David Sessions

Meeting with President Obama at the White House, French President Nicholas Sarkozy expressed faith in America's policies on Iran and Afghanistan.

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