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Elton John in Us Weekly: Too Hot for an Arkansas Grocery

-Suzi Parker
There is only one way to describe Arkansas: land of extremes. The state is progressive in many areas, and feudal in many others.
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Poll: Slim Majority Supports Gay Marriage

-Politics Daily Staff

The poll found 53 percent backing for legalization of same-sex marriage -- up from just over one-third five years ago.

Public Support for Gay Marriage on Verge of Surpassing Opposition

-David Gibson

A Pew survey shows Americans almost evenly split between those who oppose and others who support same-sex marriage, continuing a trend toward acceptance of such unions.

ROTC Returns to Harvard After Four Decades in Wilderness

-Tom Diemer

The White House welcomed the announcement, calling it "an important step in moving past old divisions" and sending a powerful message that a nation at war stands united.

Supreme Court's 8-1 Westboro Ruling -- and Alito's Passionate Dissent

-Andrew Cohen

Lone dissents are often the loudest. And sometimes the longest remembered.

House Republicans Plan to Stick Up for Defense of Marriage Law

-Tom Diemer

Less than a week after the Obama administration said it would no longer argue in court for a key section of the 1996 law, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Republicans would likely enter the legal fray.

Gay Marriage Decision May Not Hurt Obama or Help the Religious Right

-David Gibson

Growing public acceptance of homosexuals -- even among some Republicans and conservative Christians -- is blunting the issue as a campaign weapon.

Newt Gingrich Says Obama's DOMA Decision Sparked 'Constitutional Crisis'

-Christopher Weber

The former House speaker accused Obama of acting like a "one-person Supreme Court" and called on Republicans to confront the president over his "arbitrary" suspension of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Hawaii Seventh State to Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions

-Christopher Weber

To cheers from gay rights advocates, Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed into law a bill authorizing same-sex civil unions in Hawaii, making it the seventh state to do so.

Facebook, Gay Rights and the New Politics of Social Media

-Delia Lloyd

The addition of 'domestic partnership' to Facebook's relationship-status options shows that social-networking sites have become political actors in their own right.

Exorcist Priest and Abortion Scold Falls From Grace, Rocks the Catholic Right

-David Gibson

Father Thomas Euteneuer admits he took advantage of a young woman during an exorcism, and now supporters are saying the Devil made him do it.

Lady Gaga Pushes 'Born This Way'; Sarah Palin Backs Gay Group

-Suzi Parker

The two powerful media mavens may be polar opposites politically, but they share some common ground on their support for gays.

Who's John Thune -- and Why Is He on the GOP Short List for President?

-Jill Lawrence

The presidential buzz machine is revving up for Sen. Thune, the South Dakota giant-killer who defeated Tom Daschle.

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