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Judge Says States Must Enforce Health Reform Law He Threw Out

-Tom Diemer

Judge Roger Vinson stayed his own order to allow government more time to appeal his ruling in Florida's challenge to the health law -- part of tangle of cases likely to wind up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Haley Barbour's Washington Week: Jabs at Obama, Romney in 2012 Preview

-Jill Lawrence

The Mississippi governor laid down political and policy markers this week while potential presidential primary rivals dithered, misspoke or held private meetings.

Obama Says States Can Opt Out of Health Care Plan Three Years Early

-Alex Wagner

Bowing to pressure from governors, the president announced the change Monday, though states opting out must provide affordable insurance coverage to at least as many residents as the Affordable Care Act provides.

Montana Lawmakers and Others Flex Their States' Rights Muscles

-Michael Ames

Critics say some federal laws deserve to be overturned. But Montana's governor questions state legislators who are challenging Washington. They have no 'logical, coherent legal argument,' he says.

Georgia Lawmaker Is Asked: When Will Someone Shoot Obama?

-Tom Diemer

Rep. Paul Broun said he was "stunned" by the question and chose "not to dignify it with a response." However, one witness told Talking Points Memo that Broun laughed at the remark.

Herman Cain: A Long Shot in 2012, but That's Not Stopping Him

-Suzi Parker

He's not a household name. But Cain is trying to build a grassroots movement and tea party support for a possible bid for the White House in 2012.

Third Federal Judge OKs Affordable Care Act

-Andrew Cohen

The Constitution doesn't stop Congress from preventing 'free rides' on health insurance for people who would opt not to buy it, a federal judge says.

Cascading Medicaid Cuts Hurt the Poor and Burden the States

-Lou Cannon

Health care for the poor is in trouble and so are the states that are charged with providing an increasing share of it. Many states have already had to curb Medicaid and more cuts are yet to come.

Polls Show Public May Not Know What It Wants on Health Care Law

-Andrea Stone

'The health care bill was very complicated, and the CBS poll shows a significant amount of 'no opinion' depending on the question,' said Scott Keeter, director of survey research at the nonpartisan Pew Research Center.

Hillary Clinton's Plan for 2016: Beaches and Speeches

-Julie Moos

Asked if she'd consider a presidential run, the secretary of state says she has "no thoughts for 2016." Teaching, and hitting the beach, however, are good bets down the road.

12 States to Vote on Health Care Nullification

-Michael Ames

As lawmakers reignite a 200-year-old debate, many are wondering how far the states will go in their fight against the federal government's health care law.

Donald Trump, Family Values Conservative -- Believe It or Not

-David Gibson

The master dealmaker tries to convince social conservatives at CPAC that he's one of them -- and in particular that he's pro-life. Really.

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