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NATO to Libya: What Seems to Be the Problem?

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Next thing you know they'll be asking for human rights. Talk about a can of worms!

Florida Homeless Advocates Claim 1st Amendment Right to Meet, Eat in Park

-Mark I. Pinsky

An Orlando city ordinance restricting how often homeless people can be given free meals in parks is being challenged in federal court.

Obama Sends Religious Freedom Nominee Back to Senate Despite Concerns

-David Gibson

Suzan Johnson Cook raised more questions than she answered on a critical issue, but activists could not convince the administration to find an alternate.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Fights Extradition in British Court

-Delia Lloyd

The Assange hearing continues on Tuesday. If the court decides against him, he can appeal -- a process that could drag on for months.

White House Condemns Prosecution of American Alan Gross in Cuba

-Tom Diemer

Gross, who was reportedly working to distribute satellite phones and computer equipment when arrested, has been held in Cuba since late 2009.

Cairo Is Not Berlin: The Folly of Mistaking Egypt for the Former Eastern Bloc

-Sarah Wildman

For the United States, there are big differences between the breaking away of Eastern Bloc countries from communist domination some 20 years ago and what is happening in Egypt in 2011.

Julian Assange and Bradley Manning: A Tale of Two Arrests

-Delia Lloyd

The WikiLeaks scandal has entwined two men who seem like bookends to the same story. But Assange is on house arrest and has book and film deals, while Manning is in solitary confinement and has few visitors. His treatment is being questioned by Amnesty International.

Obama and Hu News Conference: Each Defends Human Rights Position

-Alex Wagner

Trade was also a major topic. 'China's rise offers enormous economic opportunity,' Obama said. 'We want to sell you all kinds of stuff,' he told President Hu.

Celebrities Call on Iran to Free Ashtiani, Who Faces Death by Stoning

-Delia Lloyd

Sting and Robert Redford were among 80 stars to sign an ad in the Times of London demanding the release of the 43-year-old woman. Human rights groups say she was coerced into confessing murder and adultery.

John Paul Stevens: Book Reviewer, Death Penalty Opponent

-Andrew Cohen

The former justice speaks out against conservative activism in capital cases, stating his belief that the death penalty is arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional.

Twitter Posting, Nobel Fallout Earn Harsh Punishments in China

-Delia Lloyd

Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo is imprisoned, his wife is under house arrest, and now a woman who re-posted a satirical political comment on Twitter is being sent to a labor camp for her "crime."

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