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Obama Jokes for His Supper at His First Gridiron Dinner Appearance as President

-Annie Groer

Bowing to precedent -- and perhaps the advice of his 2012 campaign staff -- President Obama finally attended the dinner that has been thrown by Washington journalists for 126 years.

The Gridiron Club's 2011 Political/Media Roast and Toast Lyrics

-Annie Groer

Here are the lyrics from every parody performed this weekend at the Gridiron dinner by nearly 100 journalists and a handful of vocally-blessed ringers with truly great voices.

NATO to Libya: What Seems to Be the Problem?

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Next thing you know they'll be asking for human rights. Talk about a can of worms!

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bargaining Bill, but Wider Political War Looming

-Tom Diemer

It will take years to sort out the winners and losers in Wisconsin in the aftermath of the bitter struggle to limit the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions.

Obama: Here's Your Change, Sir

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Tangled up in blue? Red? Let's just say tangled.

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Lamar Alexander for Dissing His Presidential Chances

-Tom Diemer

Trump said he didn't know Alexander personally and hasn't heard much about him -- "perhaps because of a certain ineffectiveness." Alexander had said The Donald has no chance of becoming president.

Unemployed? Retrain!

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Those old jobs aren't coming back, you know. Time to get off your duff.

'Daily Show' Hot on the Trail of AWOL Wisconsin Lawmakers

-Tom Diemer

Faux reporter John Oliver turned up disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich -- who couldn't (or wouldn't) help him find the 'Wisconsin 14.'

There He Goes Again: Mike Huckabee Scolds Natalie Portman

-Politics Daily Staff

Huckabee insisted Friday he didn't 'slam' the actress for revealing she was having a child outside of wedlock -- he just meant it's rough out there for low-income single moms.

Obama, Jeb Bush to Join in Education Reform Event at Florida School

-Tom Diemer

Bush, the former Florida governor, didn't appreciate it when Obama blamed his brother for the nation's economic plight, but the two will share a stage, and their goals for education reform, Friday in the Sunshine State.

'Ignore Sarah Palin Week': Website Encourages Looking Away

-Tom Diemer

This week the website Left Action is urges its supporters to change the channel, surf to another Web page, or read a different newspaper article whenever the Palin brand appears.

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