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From Matt Lewis, a Fond Farewell to Politics Daily

-Matt Lewis

Two years and 471,239 words after first weighing in on politics for PD, a blogger exits, stage right.

Newt Gingrich for President? Don't Underestimate Him

-Matt Lewis

Yes, the former House speaker has some baggage that might weigh him down, but he has in abundance what none of the other potential GOP candidates can match: ideas, energy and a proven track record for success.

'Citizen Newt' Could Boost Gingrich's Image In 2012

-Matt Lewis

The book, "Citizen Newt," is being authored by the respected Reagan biographer Craig Shirley (who has been interviewing Gingrich one day a week) and is set to land on bookshelves just one month before the Iowa caucuses next January.

Chris Christie, Scott Walker: Bold Now, They Were Once the 'Moderate' Choice

-Matt Lewis

Though both governors have become heroes to national conservatives, that both were arguably the more "moderate" candidate in their respective GOP primaries. What explains their boldness now?

John Thune Won't Run for President

-Matt Lewis

Thune said that "at this time, I feel that I am best positioned to fight for America's future here in the trenches of the United States Senate."

Al Cardenas, New CPAC Head, Impresses

-Matt Lewis

Cardenas has proven a calming force in the controversy of GOProud, and presented a strong argument for why CPAC should be open to anyone who wants to attend, provided they are true to conservative policy positions.

Mitt Romney's New Hampshire Problem

-Matt Lewis

Mitt Romney declined to endorse 2010 Senate contender Ovide Lamontagne, who narrowly lost the GOP primary in New Hampshire to Kelly Ayotte. Now, it is Romney, a likely presidential candidate, who needs support in the Granite State. But it appears Lamontagne -- or at least some Lamontagne supporters -- still feel betrayed.

Club for Growth Flexes Its Muscles in Support of Jeff Flake

-Matt Lewis

In just 24 hours, the fiscally conservative group raised more than $100,000 for Flake's campaign to succeed Jon Kyl in the Senate.

Nir Rosen's Offensive Tweets Shouldn't Have Surprised Us

-Matt Lewis

The focus of much criticism for his comments about Lara Logan, Rosen has been all but ignored in the past when making fiery remarks about Israel.

So It's the Media vs. Haley Barbour?

-Matt Lewis

While a license plate controversy in Mississippi is certainly an interesting local story, I can't help thinking the national media narrative -- which has cast Gov. Haley Barbour front and center in the debate -- is a bit forced.

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