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Michael Steele

Published: 06/26/10

Republican Chief Michael Steele Deftly Mends Fences at Idaho Confab

By  Michael Ames

For a major fundraiser in Idaho's toniest enclave last weekend, the state's Idaho Republican Party called in heavy reinforcements from Washington, D.C. But as Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele took the podium on Friday at an opulent base lodge of the Sun Valley ski resort, most o...

Published: 05/12/10

GOP Chooses Tampa for 2012 Republican National Convention

By  Christopher Weber

Tampa, Fla., has been picked as the site for the 2012 Republican National Convention, which will nominate the party's candidate for president. The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that its selection team voted to recommend Tampa following a months-long search. After terms are hamm...

Published: 04/21/10

Political Parties Spending Big Bucks . . . on Themselves

By  Tom Diemer

The two major political parties spend significant time pestering donors to support their candidates, but it turns out a lot of the dollars are going to the care and feeding of the organizations' staffs and prized donors -- and also to efforts to raise even more money. The Republican National Commit...

Published: 04/9/10

31 State Republican Chairs Sign Letter Supporting Michael Steele

By  Christopher Weber

Michael Steele has had a rough couple of weeks but he received a big show of support Friday when 31 state GOP chairs signed a letter supporting the head of the Republican National Committee. The chairmen praise Steele's record of winning elections as "stellar" and say his fundraising abilities are ...

Published: 04/9/10

Fox News Should Step Up and Hire Michael Steele -- Everybody Will Win

By  Jill Lawrence

Somebody needs to make Michael Steele an offer he can't refuse. I nominate Roger Ailes and Fox News Channel. Fox is already the Republican home away from home, a refuge for has-beens, wannabes, and all who strive to stay relevant. They never get demerits for those "he/she said WHAT?" moments -- in...

Published: 04/8/10

Palin Backs Michael Steele Amid Gripes About His Style, Leadership

By  Tom Diemer

Embattled Republican boss Michael Steele doesn't seem to have many allies within his own party, but he got an endorsement Wednesday from former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, darling of the Republican right. "I support Michael Steele. I am glad he is the leader of the party, administratively," Palin tol...

Published: 04/5/10

RNC's Monday, Bloody Monday

By  Annie Groer

Ken McKay, chief of staff to embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, has resigned after a tumultuous week that has seen the party embarrassed by a series of gaffes: A nearly $2,000 expenditure at a Los Angeles lesbian-bondage themed club; Steele's hiring of a financial aide ...

Published: 04/4/10

RNC Chairman Steele's Newest Aide Misused Baseball Groups' Money

By  Annie Groer

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele -- who really can't afford another 'holy ----" story after a GOP staffer dropped $1,900 at a lesbian-bondage themed Hollywood club and a top conservative called for an RNC donor boycott -- has hired a new "special assistant for finance." Althou...


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