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Obama Getting Heat From Left and Right for U.S. Role in Libyan Attacks

-Politics Daily Staff

Republicans such as Richard Lugar and Roscoe Bartlett are questioning the U.S. intervention, but so are Democrats Jim Webb and Dennis Kucinich.

Outlaw Justice: When Hackers Retaliate Against Cyber Security

-Bonnie Goldstein

I have a fondness for the current generation of hackers -- inveterate snoops and mostly harmless believers in open access, driven by a commitment to transparency and a subtle addiction to cyber safe-cracking.

White House Disputes Predictions That Gadhafy Will Crush Rebels

-David Wood

Top U.S. intelligence officials say Libyan rebels will lose the bloody war with Gadhafy. The White House disagrees but said it's not ready for military intervention.

Survey Rebuts Rep. Peter King's Claims on Radicals and Mosques

-David Gibson

Research shows the more Muslims attend services the more they accept American values, contradicting King's argument for Thursday's hearing

82nd Airborne Quick-Strike Force Gives Obama New Option in Mideast Crises

-David Wood

Until recently, the United States has lacked a quick-reaction, kick-in-the-door crisis force. The 82nd Airborne is changing that, and with upheaval boiling across the Mideast, perhaps just in time.

WikiLeaks Suspect Bradley Manning Hit With 22 New Charges

-Tom Diemer

One of the charges, "aiding the enemy," carries the death penalty, but military prosecutors said they would not recommend capital punishment in the case.

U.S. Military Readies Libya Options -- With Caution

-David Wood

The U.S. military is preparing options for intervening in Libya. But history suggests the planners should beware of unintended consequences.

Secrets and Lies: What Prevents the Next WikiLeaks?

-Bonnie Goldstein

The quantity of documents in our cyber repositories, the number of inexperienced personnel at the keyboard and ubiquitous methods and opportunities to download, upload or unload make future unauthorized disclosures inevitable.

After Egypt and Libya, What's Next for Those Still Under Dictatorships?

-Alex Wagner

A manual on how to transform dictatorships into democracies, written more than 25 years ago, resurfaces as the Mideast roils. Its message still resonates.

Poll: GOP Front-Runners Show Different Strengths on Different Issues

-Bruce Drake

While polls have produced no clear favorite among Republicans for the 2012 presidential nomination, voters do have preferences for one candidate over another when it comes to how they view them on specific issues.

The Raymond Davis Case: Killings by CIA Operative Strain U.S.-Pakistan Ties

-Alex Wagner

The case may have a 'very disruptive effect' on relations between the two countries, one analyst said. Added another: 'The prognosis does not look very good.'

Patriot Act: Congress Sends Obama Short-Term Wiretap Authority

-Tom Diemer

The 90-day extension of the law gives Congress more time to consider whether use of controversial surveillance techniques should be reauthorized.

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