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Reagan's Long Shadow Over Clinton, Obama, and Both Bushes

-Carl M. Cannon

From his economic model to his sunny disposition and famous communication skills, Reagan has left a lasting legacy -- both good and bad -- making him a difficult act to follow.

Palin Says U.S. Not in Step With Reagan Values, but Is She in His Mold?

-Carl M. Cannon

Sarah Palin would apparently like to take up Ronald Reagan's mantle, but many conservatives continue to see her as a flawed messenger of the modern meaning of Reaganism.

Covering Ronald Reagan: Up Close, but Not Personal

-Bruce Drake

Much is known about Ronald Reagan, the president. But for many, Ronald Reagan the person remains a mystery.

How Nancy Reagan Won Us Over

-Melinda Henneberger

'I will go to my grave believing she was the one who encouraged the president to say, at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, on June 12, 1987, 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.'

Ronald Reagan at 100: A Mentor for Young Conservatives

-Matt Lewis

Reagan remains immensely popular among young conservatives. Democrats had FDR and later JFK to lionize, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a modern Republican with more continued popularity than The Gipper.

The Bullet That Would Have Killed Ronald Reagan

-Matt Lewis

Did a historical "accident" spare Ronald Reagan's life? As we prepare to mark the former president's 100th birthday, a sobering reminder of what might have been.

Reagan Road Trip -- Sites to Visit, Coast to Coast

-Annie Groer

For Ronald Reagan fans, there's no shortage of places to visit named in his honor, from an exhibit at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Germany to a missile silo in North Dakota.

Ronald Reagan Lives On -- in Schools, Streets and a Warship Bearing His Name

-Annie Groer

More than 100 sites -- from Washington, D.C. to Ballyporene, Ireland -- boast the Reagan brand. Fans have even tried to get his visage added to Mount Rushmore.

Thinking About Ronald Reagan: On 100th Birthday, He's Remembered for Good Reason

-Lou Cannon

Ronald Reagan was at once a man of conviction who thought seriously about the great issues of his time and an ordinary fellow whom Americans could think of as 'one of us.'

The Reagan Centennial: The Gipper Reconsidered

-Walter Shapiro

Reagan was compelling for reasons that transcended his cinematic gestures and his Hollywood sentimentality. What Reagan conveyed -- especially when talking about Communism -- was a moral earnestness.

Ronald Reagan at 100: The Darker Legacy

-David Corn

The depiction of Reagan as one of the nation's most glorious leaders is flawed, and his legacy is far more complicated -- and blemished. Next week will be an appropriate time to remember that.

Ronald Reagan's Children Disagree on His Alzheimer's, His Legacy and the GOP

-Annie Groer

Ronald Reagan's four children, two each from his two marriages, tell ABC they were not close. "For were or a blended family, there was nothing blended about us," said Michael Reagan.

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