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12 States to Vote on Health Care Nullification

-Michael Ames

As lawmakers reignite a 200-year-old debate, many are wondering how far the states will go in their fight against the federal government's health care law.

Ideological Smackdown in the Courts Will Determine Fate of Health Care Law

-Jill Lawrence

The latest decision on the new health law throws it all out. Are the only consequences of elections these days who a president names to the bench?

New Census Count Out Tuesday Will Determine State Seats in Congress

-Lynn Sweet

Based on population shifts, the big winner is likely to be Texas, with a gain of up to four seats. Biggest losers will probably be New York and Ohio, projected to shed two seats.

Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Congress Takes the Issue Back From Judges

-Andrew Cohen

A big part of the battle over the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has been fought in courts. But repeal by Congress means lawmakers have ended any significant judicial role on the issue.

Justice Antonin Scalia Says 'Yes' to Tea Party Invitation

-Christopher Weber

The Supreme Court justice will address Rep. Michele Bachmann's inaugural Tea Party Caucus next month.

C-SPAN Supreme Court Series: Search and Seizure and the 'Exclusionary' Rule

-Andrew Cohen

The 1961 case, Mapp v. Ohio, extended the prohibition on illegal searches and seizures of evidence to state criminal cases.

Barack O'Clock: START Treaty, Meeting with Congressional Dems, Off to NATO Summit

-Alex Wagner

On the day he was scheduled to meet with Republican leaders, the president instead will circle the wagons with congressional Democrats to talk legislative priorities during the lame duck session. He'll also meet on the new START treaty before heading off to Lisbon, Portugal.

Supreme Court Leaves 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' in Place During Challenges

-Christopher Weber

The military's ban on openly gay service members will remain while it's challenged in a lower court.

Will Stealth Spending Decide the 2012 GOP Presidential Primaries?

-Walter Shapiro

Pro-Republican groups with secret donors probably decided a dozen House races. But Democrats can also play this stealth game in 2012.

Do Clothes Make the Woman?

-Bonnie Goldstein

I don't object to wearing nice clothes. I love wearing nice clothes. If I had nice grown-up clothes I would wear them, but inexplicably acquiring them is a habit I never got into.

Newt Gingrich Looking More Like 2012 Presidential Candidate

-Tom Diemer

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won't decide till the new year, but he is making noises suggesting he will seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

GOP 'Mean Girls,' Obama Reaching Out to Women and Ginni Thomas to Anita Hill

-Melinda Henneberger

This week on Politics Daily's online Sunday show, we discuss Maureen Dowd's GOP "Mean Girls," President Obama's outreach to women voters, and Ginni Thomas reaching out to her husband's accuser, Anita Hill.

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