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Can the Girl Scouts Help Balance Georgia's Budget?

-Joanne Bamberger

A bill in the Georgia legislature would reduce taxes on corporations to generate jobs but make up for the lost revenue in part by taxing nonprofit fundraising efforts, like Girl Scout cookie sales.

Obama: Here's Your Change, Sir

-Robert and Donna Trussell

Tangled up in blue? Red? Let's just say tangled.

What Would Jesus Cut? Deficit Debate Rallies Christians -- and Exposes Divisions

-David Gibson

Evangelical leaders push to protect poor from budget cuts but face as much opposition from the faithful as they do from Congress.

Herman Cain: A Long Shot in 2012, but That's Not Stopping Him

-Suzi Parker

He's not a household name. But Cain is trying to build a grassroots movement and tea party support for a possible bid for the White House in 2012.

Poland in 1980 and Wisconsin in 2011: History Rhymes

-Gerald J. Beyer

A historian of the Solidarity trade union protest against Polish communism sees parallels in the struggle in Wisconsin.

Michele Bachmann, After House Budget Vote, Takes a Victory Lap in a 'GOP Paradise'

-Mary C. Curtis

Bachmann says she hasn't made a decision yet on whether to seek the GOP presidential nomination, but she is one of a long list of Republicans who are visiting this first-in-the-South primary state.

Mitch Daniels, Michael Dukakis, George Will and the 'Charisma of Competence'

-Jill Lawrence

Competence did not turn Mike Dukakis into a charismatic presidential candidate. Will it work in 2012 for Indiana's Mitch Daniels?

'Gang of Six' in Senate Working Behind Scenes on Debt Reduction Plan

-Tom Diemer

The senators, taking cues from Obama's deficit commission, are expected to go public next month with a plan calling for across-the-board reductions in spending and changes to such sacred cows as Social Security.

IRS Says Breastfeeding Expenses Are Tax Write-Offs. Finally.

-Sarah Wildman

Last week, the IRS agreed to allow 2010 taxes to reflect the costs of breast pumps and milk bags, which can run up to $1,000 a year for working moms.

Donald Trump 'Tempted' to Run for President, Will Speak at CPAC

-Tom Diemer

Trump, who would run as a Republican, said he sees China as an "enemy," and if elected, said he would impose a 25 percent tax on all Chinese products coming into the U.S.

Poll: Democrats and Republicans Strongly Favor Alternative Energy Incentives, Tax Overhaul

-Bruce Drake

A Gallup poll asked about eight possible actions that Congress could take in 2011 and the two that got the biggest majorities across party lines were providing incentives to develop alternative energy and revamping the tax code.

Obama, Gingrich and 'Winning the Future': Petty Larceny or Fair Game?

-Jill Lawrence

When does a phrase belong to a politician? We are apparently witnessing a transfer of ownership when it comes to "winning the future."

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