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Sen. Rand Paul Heading to Key Presidential Contest States

-Politics Daily Staff

Rand Paul isn't talking about White House ambitions at this point, but his father, Rep. Ron Paul, says there's a 50-50 chance that he will run for president again in 2012.

NPR Sting Video Was Edited to Accentuate Negative

-Politics Daily Staff

An analysis of the full video shows that NPR fundraisers Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley talked positively about Republicans and conservatives during their lunch date with phony donors.

Poll Finds Sharp Partisan Divide on Islam-Violence Connection

-Bruce Drake

Republicans and those aligned with the tea party movement strongly believe that Islam encourages violence more than other religions, while liberal and moderate-to-conservative Democrats reject that view.

Sharp Partisan Divide Over Government Role in Fighting Obesity, Poll Finds

-Bruce Drake

Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign has drawn criticism from some leading conservatives. A new poll underlines a big partisan split over whether government should be involved in such matters.

Stung: NPR Execs Caught in Candid Chat With Would-be Muslim Donors

-Politics Daily Staff

NPR, in a statement, pointed out that its representatives had refused to accept a $5 million check offered by the "fraudulent organization."

Nikki Haley Is Grading S.C. Lawmakers as She Advances Conservative Agenda

-Mary C. Curtis

Nikki Haley became a political star on the national scene and in her home state of South Carolina with her tea party-fueled campaign for governor. Now, that she has the job, she is trying to make her mark.

Sarah Palin's Triple Whammy: Chris Christie, Barack Obama and Bill O'Reilly

-Suzi Parker

In two appearances on Fox, Palin tweaked a fellow Republican, dismissed the president of the United States and scolded a top rated talk show host.

What Would Jesus Cut? Deficit Debate Rallies Christians -- and Exposes Divisions

-David Gibson

Evangelical leaders push to protect poor from budget cuts but face as much opposition from the faithful as they do from Congress.

Poll: Republican Push for Deep Budget Cuts Could Alienate Independents, Swing Voters

-Bruce Drake

Pushed by tea party movement adherents and conservatives to make deep budget cuts, Republicans may find themselves paying a political price because independents and swing voters care more about job creation and economic growth.

Americans Less Angry at Washington Now Than During 2010 Campaign, Poll Says

-Bruce Drake

Although trust in government remains low, Americans seem to have cooled off since last year's political campaigns, with significantly fewer of them saying they are "angry" at government.

Most Americans Are Moderates -- and Thus Invisible

-Mary C. Curtis

Polls show Americans favor compromise on issues ranging from federal spending to gay marriage. But as the 2012 election heats up, expect hard-line partisans to drown out the voices of their more reasonable neighbors.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty Gets Fired Up -- Courts Tea Party

-Tom Diemer

In a new video, Pawlenty shucks his low-key, nice-guy image to highlight a fiery speech in which he promised tea party activists, "We will take back our government."

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