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Published: 06/28/10

Look Away, U.S. World Cup Fans: 25 Photos of Excitement in Ghana

By  Andrea Patino

In the Ghanaian capital of Accra, not far from where I have been studying abroad this semester, locals and obrunis ("foreigners" in Twi, one of the local languages) alike gathered in a popular neighborhood called Osu to watch Saturday's World Cup match between the United States and Ghana. The excite...

Published: 06/25/10

To Hyderabad and Back: A Student Journalist's Hard Lessons in India

By  Riane Menardi

Six months ago I had no idea how to hail a rickshaw, when to eat curry with my hands, or that a 2-rupee coin is engraved with a peace sign. I didn't know that every Indian state speaks its own language, and I certainly didn't know anything about Indian politics, education, or culture. I went to Ind...

Published: 06/17/10

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy: Conflicted Gay Soldiers Also Face ROTC Debt

By  Peter W. Fulham

Dan Choi entered the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1999, well aware that as a gay cadet serving under the "don't ask, don't tell" law, which bars gays from serving openly in the military, his enrollment carried certain risks. Still, he said, he was undeterred by the policy. But a...

Published: 06/14/10

Interns in Washington: Finding News Ways to Wow the Hill

By  Matt Vasilogambros

It's the time of year when 20,000 bright-eyed, ambitious college students pour into Washington, D.C. to start their jobs as summer interns. These kids have finally made it to the big show, working in the nation's capitol. Eagerness and egos in hand, they soon find out that the qualities that got the...

Published: 06/10/10

When 'Everybody Draws Muhammad,' Balancing Free Speech and Religious Respect

By  Elizabeth Schiffman

On May 9th, a student group called Secular Humanists for Inquiry and Free Thought (SHIFT) chalked stick figure drawings of the Prophet Muhammad across Northwestern University's campus. In a statement issued later that day on their blog, they explained that their intention was to spark a dialogue abo...

Published: 06/4/10

Cape Cod Wind Farm Controversy Still Roiling Nantucket Sound

By  Peter W. Fulham

EDGARTOWN, Massachusetts -- When Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced in April that the federal government had approved the Cape Wind proposal, a controversial plan to build a 24-square-mile wind farm in the waters off Cape Cod, a long and heated chapter in New England politics appeared to reach...

Published: 05/31/10

With Holy Cross Commencement Speech, Mark Shriver Continues Family Tradition

By  Peter W. Fulham

WORCESTER, MASS. – Mark Shriver delivered the commencement address at the College of the Holy Cross on Friday, returning to his alma mater with a message of humility and service for the graduating seniors. Shriver is the vice president and managing director of U.S. programs for Save the Children, a ...

Published: 05/27/10

As Iran Election Anniversary Approaches, Green Movement Keeps Hope Alive

By  Elizabeth Weingarten

The Green movement is simmering in Iran. On June 12, the one year anniversary of last year's disputed presidential elections, people around the world will look East, watching expectantly to see if it bubbles over. In recent weeks, the movement has been quieted but not silenced. The recent hangings ...

Published: 05/25/10

Freedom of the Press: Can Journalists Overcome Increased Threats?

By  Katie Glueck

Earlier this month, the International Women's Media Foundation released the names of journalists tapped for its prestigious Courage in Journalism Award. The foundation will honor three investigative journalists and bloggers at ceremonies this October. The stories of the honorees -- Claudia Duque, 3...

Published: 05/22/10

Basketball Team's Arizona Immigration Controversy Unifies Highland Park High

By  Elizabeth Weingarten

The students at Highland Park High School are going rogue. Maybe Tuesday's Be-In, an outdoor rally to demonstrate school-wide unity after last week's barrage of negative media attention, wasn't exactly what Sarah Palin had in mind when she told the girls' basketball team to follow her famous example...


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