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Latest 2011 budget News

The GOP Budget and Cancer -- Why New Research Is at Risk

The budgetary hot-air wars gripping Washington have spotlighted all the elements that have degraded of 21st century politics: Apocalyptic threats of a government shutdown, high-decibel debates over...

Reid Rejects House GOP's Plan for Budget Extension, $4 Billion in Cuts

Instead of a government shutdown next week, Congress could be headed for another stopgap budget to allow more time for compromise on sizable cuts in 2011 spending. But a showdown continues to...

Obama Budget Due Monday as Debate Nears on Raising Debt Ceiling

It's crunch time. With deficit hawks hovering, President Obama will offer his 2012 budget Monday, a spending package likely to include enough cuts to offend liberals, but not enough to mollify...

Obama's $3.8 Trillion Budget: War and School Spending Up, Bush Tax Cuts Out

President Obama sent his $3.834 trillion budget proposal to Congress on Monday morning, complete with a record-breaking deficit; increased defense, education and entitlement spending; tax increases...


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