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Liberal Democrats Still Angry Over Tax Compromise

The morning after Congress approved a compromise $858 billion tax package compromise, a prominent Democratic lawmaker insisted President Obama was out-foxed by Republicans in a deal broadly extending...

Can Democrats Break Out of the Blame Game on Taxes?

Democrats now have two years to plan and execute their next strategy on taxes. Will they blow it again and blame each other for the mess? Liberals may be outraged by the deal President Obama cut...

Senate to Vote on Obama Tax Deal: Where Does Each Side Stand?

(Dec. 13) -- The Senate will proceed with a cloture vote Monday afternoon on the Obama tax deal that contains something that everyone is sure to hate. The tax deal, a massive compromise that...

Senate to Vote on Tax Cut Compromise Over Liberal Objections

Even with liberals and some conservatives still venting their anger over the tax cut compromise struck between President Obama and Republican leaders last week, the Senate will forge ahead with a...

YouTube Yanks Videos of Radical US-Born Cleric

(Nov. 4) -- Under pressure from U.S. and British officials, YouTube has removed sermons by a radical U.S.-born cleric linked to al-Qaida in Yemen who's accused of using the video-sharing site to...


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