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Arizona Governors Race

Latest Arizona Governors Race News

Latest Round-Up of Polls for Key Senate and Governor Races

Our Saturday roundup of polls and key governor and Senate races updates Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Notable in Saturday's polls: --...

Senate and Governor Polls: Democrats May Lose Two in Ohio, Win Two in California

Our latest roundup of polls on key governor and Senate races updates Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin....

How Old Is Terry Goddard?

Terry Goddard, the attorney general of Arizona, is the Democratic nominee for governor of Arizona. He's running against Republican Jan Brewer, incumbent governor of the state. As part of a Politics Da...

Terry Goddard Pulls Closer to Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona

We haven't written about the Arizona governor's race much because Republican incumbent Jan Brewer has consistently had commanding leads in the polls over Democrat Terry Goddard. Brewer's margins over ...

It's Insult Time, Face to Face, in Debates

WASHINGTON (Oct. 7) - "That's a lie. You know that's a lie. I never said it." That was Republican Linda McMahon going after Democrat Richard Blumenthal this week as the Connecticut Senate rivals shar...


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