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Published: 03/4/10

Oscars' New Voting System: Could It Work for Gordon Brown?

By  Delia Lloyd - Politics Daily
Oscars' New Voting System:  Could It Work for Gordon Brown?

For Oscar lovers like me, the usual nail-biting anticipation that accompanies the annual Academy Awards is all the greater this year. Not only are there more films up in the category of Best Picture, but the rules by which that movie is selected have also changed. In a curious case of life imitating art, the British government is also looking at reforming its electoral system along similar lines. In both cases, the big question on everyone's mind is this: Who benefits?...

Published: 02/2/10

Opinion: Oscar Shortchanges Small Movies

By  not in system - AOL News
Opinion: Oscar Shortchanges Small Movies

(Feb. 2) – The Oscars are just about the only time each year when small movies are on equal footing with big ones, when our national conversation about movies focuses on merit and not just on box office. Or at least that used to be the case, until Tuesday morning. Thanks to the new Oscar rules, in a case of reverse affirmative action, the expansion of the Best Picture category from five slots to 10 gives big studio blockbusters an awards boost, at the expense of the smaller (usually independent or foreign) movies that need and deserve attention, at the one time of year that they might actuall...

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