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Women to Watch (and Watch Out for) in 2011

Here at Politics Daily, we've been recalling strong women whose terms sadly ended in 2010. On the year's last weekend, the New York Times' annual year-end roundup, "The Lives They Lived," paid...

Senate Farewells Sound Familiar Warning: Partisanship Is Ruining Us

Over the past few weeks, many of those leaving the U.S. Senate -- either voluntarily or by defeat -- have given a farewell address, something of a Senate tradition. The speeches have been remarkable...

Democratic Big Dogs, Blue Dogs, Young Pups Swept Away

Change has turned to carnage for Democrats on Capitol Hill. Freshmen. Veterans. East. West. North. South. Conservative. Liberal. If it was blue, it bled. Voters who didn't believe in the change...

Women in Congress Expected to Suffer Net Loss of Seats

Ever since Jeannette Rankin was elected as the first woman to serve in Congress in 1917, members of the fairer sex have proven able representatives of the people's choice. Despite the fact that a...

GOP's Boozman Defeats Sen. Lincoln in Arkansas

On a rainy, cold Tuesday night before Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln's supporters had even gathered for her watch party, media outlets projected a loss for Arkansas' senior senator....


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