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Need More Air? Artificial Trees to Convert CO2 to O2

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. Or is it? If you're not getting enough air, you might want to spend time sitting under a newly designed artificial tree that converts carbon dioxide into...

From Houses on Sticks to Cabins on Wheels: The Wide World of Tiny Living

Forget walk-in closets, indoor pools and multiple dens. In the world of the great recession, it's the little things that are making the biggest splash in the housing market. Tiny housing is going...

Study: Spacing Babies Close May Raise Autism Risk

CHICAGO -- Close birth spacing may put a second-born child at higher risk for autism, suggests a preliminary study based on more than a half-million California children. Children born less than two...

Weed Among the Ivy? Columbia University Students Held on Drug Charges

"Operation Ivy League," once code for aspirations of getting into a great school, has new meaning as the name of a five-month investigation by New York City police into illegal drug sales on Columbia...


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