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Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams, 'Tired of the Nuts,' Steps Down

Saying he's "tired of the nuts who have no grasp of what the state party's role is," Colorado Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams won't run for re-election, setting up a potential free-for-all for the...

Republicans' Midterm Wave Didn't Drown Colorado Democrats

One week after the Republican wave, GOP fingers are still pointing in Colorado, where the party saw mixed results in the 2010 midterm elections. There was good news for Colorado Republicans, for...

Democrat John Hickenlooper Cruises in Crazy Colorado Governor Race

BOULDER, Colo. -- Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will move from Denver's City Hall to the Colorado governor's office in January. Hickenlooper had 52 percent of the vote, ahead of American...

Governor, Senate Poll Roundup: Looking at the Closest Races

A flood of new polls on this year's key governor and Senate races came out Sunday and Monday, and here are the ones that showed the tightest races and those where the margins are larger, but the...

Video Interview: Tom Tancredo Charts His Own Path in Governor's Race

From the speaking circuit in July to moving within five points of Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Tom Tancredo's independent streak is showing in the Colorado governor's race. Tancredo, a...


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