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Published: 12/31/10

Our Year of Zombie Politics

By  James Grady - Politics Daily
Our Year of Zombie Politics

Wait: Even in politics, 2010 was the year of zombies? Sure, the hot new wonky tome "Zombie Economics" tells how "dead" economic theories walk among us to shape our paychecks, and sure, zombies lumber out of our TVs almost no matter what channel we click to, and sure, my fellow fantasy prose-slingers are flinging new novels about the undead at the dust of Stephen King and George Romero, but zombies as a metaphor for 2010's politics? Come on! What happened to vampires? Vampires are a great political metaphor! Bloodsuckers. Say no more. But zombies? Who are they in America's 2010 politi...

Published: 05/29/10

Soccer, Racism and Israel's Unlikely World Cup Hero: Abbas Suan, Arab Muslim

By  Sarah Wildman - Politics Daily
Soccer, Racism and Israel's Unlikely World Cup Hero: Abbas Suan, Arab Muslim

In 20th century America, sports became the great equalizer, a chance for athletes to meet in a context outside of inequality, away from discrimination. But meeting that lofty goal required sportsmen and women to break down barriers, to convince the public through deed, and sometimes word, of their worth and ability. It also required teams and owners and facilitators, who enabled integration and discouraged racism in the stands, among fans. As World Cup 2010 frenzy begins, turn, for a moment, to an unlikely Jackie Robinson in a Diadora jacket, bouncing a soccer ball on his knee. In the no...

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