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Vote in Sheriff Arpaio's Mugshot of the Day Contest

"America's Toughest Sheriff" is giving the public some hard choices. Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff known for serving inmates green baloney and his staunch stance against illegal immigration, has...

Clarence Dupnik: The Anti-Joe Arpaio Sheriff in Arizona

Until Saturday's rampage against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords left her battling for her life and ended the lives of six others, Clarence Dupnik was not the most famous sheriff in Arizona. But after a...

Snow, Heavy Rains, Fierce Winds Blast Western States

DENVER -- Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico struggled against the tail end of storms New Year's Eve that left more westerly states recovering from a wintertime onslaught of snow, rain and bitter...

2010 News Quotes Quiz: Who Said It?

2010 was such a bumpy ride that this quote epitomizes the year: "Heads down! Stay down!" That's what a flight attendant shouted over and over as an airliner made an emergency landing at New York's JFK...

2010 News Quotes Quiz: Who Said It? [ANSWERS]

Here are the answers to the 2010 Quotes Quiz with details about who said what and why -- plus some information on the people who didn't say these things, but might have. 1. "There's no one who wants...


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