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Kay Hagan

Published: 12/20/10

Sen. Kay Hagan's North Carolina Office Vandalized

By  Christopher Weber - Politics Daily
Sen. Kay Hagan's North Carolina Office Vandalized

Police in North Carolina are looking for a vandal who was caught on surveillance video spray-painting swastikas on the front of Sen. Kay Hagan's Greenville office. Investigators made the footage public and are hoping viewers will help them identify the suspect. Greenville Police said along with swastikas, the phrases "criminal government," "what good is justice if the scales are bent" and "blind follow blind" were scrawled Thursday in purple paint outside the Democrat's office and on other nearby buildings. ThinkProgress pointed out that some of the graffiti appeared to be lyrics from the...

Published: 12/6/10

Obama Calls for a New 'Sputnik Moment' for America

By  Mary C. Curtis - Politics Daily
Obama Calls for a New 'Sputnik Moment' for America

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina -- President Barack Obama couldn't escape the East Coast cold snap on his short trip south on Monday. ("What's snow doing on the ground in North Carolina?" he jokingly asked.) But his warm welcome at Forsyth Technical Community College was far different than the cold shoulder he's been getting from Republicans in Congress. The president came to a state whose economy has been transformed by the departure of the textile and furniture industries that once provided reliable employment for high school graduates. And he came to Forsyth to celebrate the 50th anniversary...

Published: 11/2/09

N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan on Health Care, Obama and 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs'

By  Mary C. Curtis - Politics Daily
N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan on Health Care, Obama and 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs'

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan supports health care reform, the president and getting the job done in Afghanistan. Democrat Hagan, who ran a smart campaign to defeat Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole last year, continues to cover all the bases. On Monday, Hagan, who is years from her own re-election bid, opened an office in Charlotte. It was a timely appearance in her home state, as Republicans feel cautiously hopeful in this election cycle over discontent in a still-unsettled economy. "Before the end of the year, we will have health care reform," Hagan said. "We've got to get down the cost...

Published: 10/31/08

Elizabeth Dole's Symptoms: Hagan Strikes Back

By  David Knowles - Politics Daily
Elizabeth Dole's Symptoms: Hagan Strikes Back

Yesterday, I detailed the unfortunate doings in North Carolina's Senate race between incumbent, Elizabeth Dole, and challenger, Kay Hagan. In that piece, I pointed out how, by using a phony voice-over to deceive voters into thinking Hagan did not believe in God, Dole was giving Hagan a golden opportunity to make a forceful rebuttal. Well, here it is:This is such a strong counter-punch that it very well may win the election for Hagan. Dole screwed up big time, and now faces the prospect of retirement as well as a lawsuit for defamation. And what's the consequence for Christians who knowingly...

Published: 10/30/08

Elizabeth Dole's Symptoms

By  David Knowles - Politics Daily
Elizabeth Dole's Symptoms

Incumbent Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is in deep trouble. Behind in the polls in her re-election campaign in North Carolina, she finds herself under fire for releasing what some are calling a new low in political advertising. In the ad, she accuses her rival, Democratic State Senator Kay Hagan, of associating with "Godless Americans." While Hagan did meet with an atheist group that promotes separation of church and state in government, the ad goes on to float an unattributed female voice-over that proclaims "there is no God." By implication, viewers are meant to infer that the voice is...


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