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Larry Pratt

Published: 04/19/10

Gun Advocates Hit Va., DC, in Double-Barreled Protest

By  David Knowles - AOL News
Gun Advocates Hit Va., DC, in Double-Barreled Protest

(April 19) -- Protesting what they perceive as a growing threat to the Second Amendment, armed gun-rights activists gathered today in Virginia as their firearms-free brethren congregated in nearby Washington, D.C. Thanks to a law signed by President Barack Obama, a few dozen protesters were allowed to gather at two public parks in Virginia carrying a variety of unconcealed weapons, including rifles and pistols. "We are done backing up," former Alabama Minuteman leader Mike Vanderboegh told the crowd assembled at Fort Hunt Park. "Not one more inch." Olivier Douliery, Abaca Press / MCT Demon...

Published: 04/16/10

Tea Party's After-Party: More Extremism as Gun Rights Activists Hit Washington

By  David Corn - Politics Daily
Tea Party's After-Party: More Extremism as Gun Rights Activists Hit Washington

On Thursday, thousands of Tea Partiers marked Tax Day by trekking to Washington to protest. It was the usual stuff. The TPers complained about taxes. They carried signs showing Nancy Pelosi in a toilet. They compared the media -- except for Fox News -- to Pravda. One placard depicted President Barack Obama as a vampire sucking blood out of the Statue of Liberty. Another made this cogent argument: "Having Gov't Manage Your Healthcare Is Like Having Michael Vick Watch Your Dog." One sign was blunt: "Go Back To Kenya." "Saturday Night Live" has-been Victoria Jackson led the crowd in a song, "The...


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French Comedy 'Potiche' Mixes Laughs With Social Message

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For women, and men too, weary of nuance and y...

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Can the Girl Scouts Help Balance Georgia's Budget?

By  Joanne Bamberger

If Georgia lawmakers get their way, corporati...

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Mom Has Cancer. Her Son Reacts.

By  Donna Trussell

My friend Julie Levine had everything I lacke...

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