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Latest Libya uprising News

Gadhafi Forces Shell Frontline City in West Libya

MISRATA, Libya -- Moammar Gadhafi's forces shelled civilian areas in the rebel-held city of Misrata on Thursday, killing 10 people. Regime supporters and opponents battled on another front in western...

Gadhafi's Daughter: 'You Never Know When a Rocket or Bomb Might Hit You'

As NATO bombs rain down on Moammar Gadhafi's compound, the daughter of the Libyan dictator says she's been telling her three young children bedtime stories about the afterlife "to make them...

Strikes on Gadhafi Compound Badly Damage Buildings

TRIPOLI, Libya -- NATO airstrikes targeted the center of Moammar Gadhafi's seat of power early Monday, unleashing guided bombs that destroyed a multistory library and office in his compound and badly...

Libyan Rebels Say They Drove Gadhafi's Forces Out of Misrata

TRIPOLI, Libya -- Rebel fighters drove Moammar Gadhafi's forces to the edge of the besieged western city of Misrata on Sunday, taking control of the main hospital where government troops had been...

Libyan Tribal Leaders Push for Rebel Ceasefire After Fierce Clashes

TRIPOLI, Libya -- Libyan tribal leaders are trying to get rebels in the city of Misrata to lay down their arms within 48 hours, a government official said early Sunday, after a day of fierce clashes...


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